10 Web Tools for College Students and Teachers to Use

It’s the age of the Internet, which means most of the things you are supposed to pay for are now free, such as software, songs and movies. It also means that there are lots of web tools a college student or teacher may use. Many are free and some are quite cheap when you compare them with the prices you would pay if you bought them from a shop.

Here are ten web tools for college students and teachers that may be found online for a reasonable price.

1 – Saylor.org 

Saylor, It sounds a little bit pink, but it is actually an online tool that helps students find free and paid classes. The idea is that the student uses the classes to improve his or her learning. Teachers may use it as teaching material, and you may set up a portfolio of learning, which is similar to setting up your own personal curriculum. Choose the subjects and classes that suit you.

2 – Remind101.com 

Remind101, This is ideal for teachers. It is a tool that allows a teacher to communicate with students and teachers. The teacher posts a message onto the system and it is posted to all the people on the list. The students and their parents should be on the list so that the teacher may tell both students and parents what coursework needs doing and what days the school will be unexpectedly closed (such as on snow days).

3 – Allcorrect.org 

Allcorrect, This is a paper editing and proofreading service that helps students to check their work. They can proofread your work to make sure it is well written. They can help you demonstrate a higher use of English and make sure it is correct so you may qualify for a higher grade. Furthermore, you may use their essay writing staff to create a new essay from scratch so that you may hand it in as your own. You can have them create a new essay for you if you have a deadline approaching and need an essay to hand in as your own.

4 – Coursera.org 

Coursera, This is a handy tool that allows students to find courses to improve their learning. They may find free courses that are set up by the most prestigious universities from all over the world. Teachers may use the service to find teaching materials and to see how other professors are teaching certain ideas and principles around the world. It is a handy tool to have around.

5 – KnowledgeNet.com

KnowlegeNet, This is ideally for students that take IT-related subjects. It is a great place to pull things you may turn into references within your essays. Teachers will find it to be a good resource for learning/teaching materials. Students will find it handy for their own self-starter learning.

6 – Alison.com

Alison, This is a bit like a search engine, except that it helps students and teachers find study material. You enter the things you need to learn and course specifics and it produces resources you can use to learn more about it.

7 – CourseBuffet.com

CourseBuffet, This is similar to Alison.com by the fact that the tool collects educational resources. It has gone about collecting them in a different manner to Alison.com, which means you will not get the same results by using both. Instead of searching the Internet for learning resources, you can try this tool and get a much more relevant set of results to explore.

8 – studyguidezone.com

StudyGuideZone, This website is so clever that it almost feels like cheating. In fact, that is one of the reasons it is not mentioned earlier in this article, just because it may be. It allows you to practice tests on a massive number of subjects and courses. The website features link lists of literally hundreds of tests that you can take online. At the very least, it may be used to help test your knowledge and expose any weak areas you have so you may concentrate your revision in the right areas.

9 – Socrative.com 

Socrative, Teacher burnout is all too common. If you are a teacher and it happens to you, then you can have your students play game on this website. The games may be made very educational, which means they are not as exciting as playing the Playstation 4, but they may be used to engage the students during the educational process without too much work from you.

10 – Spreeder.com

Spreeder, This is a great tool that helps students to read faster. It uses genuine psychological science to get you to read faster. It shows you words in an unavoidable fashion, and you find yourself taking the information in a lot faster than you would do normally. If you are having trouble then you can speed up or slow down the tool and control how quickly you are reading. The only downside is if you take your eyes off the screen you miss the words it flashes up at you (meaning you may lose the thread). As a side effect, you may also find your levels of concentration go up too.

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