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15 Free Social Media Tools for Teachers and Students

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Internet can be used as the best classroom for students and teachers, where we've tons of facilities to take the advantages from, to enhance the students capabilities and to facilitate the teachers, There're social media tools to use and get educators into interaction environment.
Social Media tools for teachers and students are the online learning tools that enhance students creativities, facilitate the teachers, and to work collaboratively.
Students requires engagements with others students, and is possible in the online Classroom environments, where there’re online quizzes, assignments, announcements, lectures and tutorials. It helps both the teachers and students to work in dynamic ways and efficiently.
A list of Social media tools to facilitate teachers and students
Almost all the tools are free of charge to use and get benefits from them. These tools are designed especially for educators and learners. despite of teachers and students, parents of kids can also keep track of their children records and results without having an interaction with teachers in the school.

Why Social Media tools for Teachers?

Social media tools for educators can greatly facilitate teachers,  because all students are together in a collaborative way, while teacher can announce quizzes and assignments, can  organize online classes using Web apps that are developed by highly professional team having tons of features especially for education purpose. Teachers can easily share their experience via web based networks with other teachers in their field.

How does it help Students? 

Online social media tools (WEB tools) can greatly enhance students creativity because there's straight forward communication system between the teacher and class students. students can take advantages from socialized apps built for learners, and pre-defined course structures to take in mind before teacher may announce them in the class surrounded by walls. 
Students can use online learning tools to improve their learning skills, learn easily in interaction environment, share their experience with other students around the globe, find notes and lectures. 

Here’s the list of Online Free Social Media Tools for Teachers and Students.

Blogs and Sites for Education

You can create blogs for education perspective and can organize class rooms, announcements.
There’re specific blogs providers especially designed for educations, easily create a free blog in less time.
Also you can create home-pages for classrooms in timely manner.
Blogs for students and teachers and sites to learn

Social Media Apps for Educators and Learners

Social media can be used for education and there are pre-defined web apps that take students in collaborative society. Facebook, twitter apps are available for students , learners and teachers. Here's the list of them.
Social Media apps for educators

I hope these Free Online Social Media tools will help students and teachers who wanted to work collaboratively, and like to have interaction between students and teacher. Take advantages from these online tools and feel free to try the one’s that you think the best for you.

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  4. I think is simply gorgeous if you want to create or take quizzes!
    It's easy, free, you can create scored quizzes and personality quizzes and also polls, questions, stories, groups.

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  5. Great Work! Basically teachers have there own tools but students need the tools related to there studies and there curriculum that how to cover the course and definitely it will induced self confidence in them that they can cover the course as well as with the basic concepts.

    1. Hi, Thanks for commenting, Right! Students need more tools compare to teachers.

  6. Thank you for this. I'm trying to differentiate and not finding much help from our curriculum so this strategy is a huge help. I wanted to do this last year. fashionblog