5 Best Free Cloud Storage Providers to Help You Make a Choice

Cloud storage now plays a crucial role in your modern, mobile lives. With more and more people using multiple computing devices like computers, laptops and smartphones, it seems absurd to have your data locked away in just one device. Cloud services frees you from these shackles and makes sure that you can access the files you want no matter where you are. There is an incredible amount of free cloud storage providers available that you can sign up for to upload your files and documents, and sync them across multiple devices. Here are the best 5 free cloud storage providers out there.

 Best Free Cloud Storage Providers

1. Dropbox

Dropbox - Best Free Cloud Storage Providers
Dropbox is considered one of the best cloud storage services around. It supports virtually every operating system, both mobile and desktop, and has a huge third-party developer community using its open APIs to build applications for it. It offers 2GB storage for free and you can increase it by referring friends, using its mobile app, and uploading photos and videos.

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2. Google Drive

Google Drive - Best Free Cloud Storage Providers
Google Drive provides a generous free 15GB storage, but its real strength lies in what it carried over from Google Docs: real-time online file collaboration. Although the 15GB is shared with other Google services like Google Plus and Gmail, the files you create in Google Drive don’t count towards your total storage allotment. It is available for Windows, OS X, Android and iOS, making it useful both on the go and on the desk. This is a great option for people using various Google services, especially Google Docs.

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3. OneDrive

OneDrive - Best Free Cloud Storage Providers
OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive) used to be difficult to use, but it has come a long way since then. It’s tightly integrated with Windows now, particularly Windows 8, and if you use Office 2013 regularly, using OneDrive as your cloud storage solution is seamless and quick. You will get free 7GB storage space with the ability to get more through referrals and actions. OneDrive also has mobile apps for Android, iOS and of course, Windows Phone, so you can access your files and stay up to date with them no matter where you go as long as there is an internet connection available.

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4. Box

Box - Best Free Cloud Storage Providers
Box is not to be mistaken with Dropbox, Box is one of the first names in cloud storage and can help you access your files across multiple devices. It provides 10GB free space, though the file size is limited to 250MB, which is a huge inconvenience if you want to store large files or movies.

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5. SpiderOak

SpiderOak - Best Free Cloud Storage Providers
SpiderOak lays great emphasis on your data privacy. Unlike other services that encrypt your data after uploading it on their servers, SpiderOak encrypts it before uploading so that only you can view it. Even the employees of SpiderOak cannot get access to your data and, by extension, it should mean hackers will find it hard to get into your data. You can get 2GB of free storage, which can be quickly increased by referring friends. Both you and your friend can gain 1GB when they sign up to the service using your referral link (for a maximum of 10GB).
If you’re not using a cloud storage site, you’re most likely living under a rock. Start using these free and awesome free cloud storage providers today and taste the future. 
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