12 Best & Free Online PDF Conversion Tools

Online PDFs converter help you convert different types of documents to different format, such as PDF to word, excel, JPEG as well as converting word and other documents to PDF. Sometimes you’ve a file in PDFs file format but unfortunately it need to be in other file format, it may be you want to send it to your friend, and he/she hasn’t a PDF reader or any other reason he/she need it in other format, so in that way what we can do? Solution is that to convert the PDFs file to any other document file format you need. i.e word, Excel etc, Same is the case if you’ve a file with other document file format but you need it in PDFs format, solution for both is same. That is convert it to other file format. For this purpose a lot of Best online PDF conversion tools are available on the internet which are ready to use.We recently discussed Online Video Converter tools that are useful for converting videos from one format to other but here we’ll be sharing some tools which can convert pdf files to others or others to pdf file format.

Converting a PDF file to other may also occurs when we need some editing in the file because we can’t edit PDFs files but after converting it to word, excel etc it will be editable. So after editing the files you can convert it again to PDFs format.

Why You Should Use Online Tools To Convert PDF Files?

Although there are many desktop softwares available which can be used in order to convert PDF Files, But these are not totally free, If free then it will be in trail version. Also let you downloaded free software but still this will take space from your hard disk as well as time to download and install.

Convert PDF to word, excel and other docs to PDF

While on the other hand using online pdf conversion tools are one-way solution, No download and installation are required.
So keeping these in mind you should go for an online PDF conversion tool which is the best for you. And you can easily select the best one from the list given below.

Free online PDF Conversion Tools

Now let’s get started and use free online tools for converting PDFs files to other file format . As we discussed earlier pdf conversion tools are useful either you want to convert a pdf file to word, excel or word (.doc), Excel(.xls) file to pdf file format than the desktop applications because these online tools are free of cost and is easy to use.
Now here we’ll broadly divide this section in four parts, i.e first we’ll mention some tools which will convert your Pdf files to other file formats and then we’ll be listing the tools that converts other files to pdf format, At the last there will be some tools that specialized to convert Pdf to excel and Pdf to word.

Tools that converts Pdf to other formats

The following list of tools will help you convert a Pdf file to other format, such as to word, excel, image format. I’ve compiled a list of best tools that you can use to, As there are different types of site that offering you such type of tools that’s why I’ve given a short description for each one so that you can pick up the best for your work.

iSkysoft PDF Converter Pro

iSkysoft PDF converter software for windows and mac
iSkysoft PDF converter pro, Basically there are two iSkysoft PDF converter softwares, one is iSkysoft PDF converter and the other is pro version, the pro version is further enhanced and added amazing features. Both of them are available for Windows and Mac OS. iSkysoft let you try them for free, you can use the trail version and if it working for you the way you expect then purchase the life time version.

Neevia Technology

Neevia technology info

Neevia Technology offers a pdf converter which can convert your pdf file to other file format i.e Postscript, MP, JPEG,PNG, Tiff, PCX etc. To get started with this tool you’you’ve to visit its website, Choose an output format from the drop-down arrow, Choose a file to upload from your computer, Select a delivery method whether if you want to wait till the file convert and download it or enter your email, Once your file converted then you’ll receive a link via email to download the desired file

Coolutils Pdf converter

Coolutils free online pdf converter with browse

Coolutils offers a free online pdf converter which can convert a pdf file to other document file format includes Doc, Excel, Html etc, You can get started with this by choosing a file, setting an output format and then clicking on “Download Converted File” button.


online converter figure

Online-Convert tool is not only specialized as a pdf conversion tool, but it can also converts other media files like image, E-book, Video, Archive etc But here we’ll be using it as a pdf conversion tool, So to convert your pdf file you’ve to choose an output format from the dropdown arrow under the Document converter and click on ‘Go’. In a new page you’ll have to upload your pdf file or enter a Url, after converting your file, an automatic downloading will start. It also allows you to save your file to dropbox.

Free Pdf Convert

free pdf converter homepage

Free PDF Convert help you convert Pdf to word, Excel, powerpoint, image etc conversion can be done with this web application, You can convert a pdf file from a Url using this pdf converter . Once your file is converted then you can download it or save it to google docs.

Online Documents to Pdf conversion tools

The following list of online tools can be used to convert documents to PDF format, that could be from word to PDF, excel to Pdf, although there are tons of tools available on the internet that’s why I’ve compiled a list best tools, I’ve given a short description for each one so that you can pick up the best for your project.

Online Pdf converter

the pdf converter box

Online PDF converter, With the Online PDF converter you can convert your document file to pdf,  If you’re looking for a best tool to convert files to Pdf then this tool is a good choice for you. It support almost all the document file formats as an input i.e Html, word, Excel, Bilder, Postscript, Text etc The best thing about this tool is that it gives fast response, what you’you’ve to do is, choose a file, Enter your email address and then click on the “Convert and Send” button. A new little window pops-up and giving you a message that your file has been sent to your email address.

Easy pdf Cloud

Easy pdf cloud

Easypdfcloud, A pdf conversion tool that can convert a word, excel file to pdf online, To use Easypdfcloud, you’ve to upload a file in the ‘Combine files to pdf’ section then a new little box will pops-up with the converting process.

Pdf To Excel conversion Tools

Now here we’re going to bring you some tools that are specialized to convert Pdf files to Excel file format. Let have a look.

Pdf To Excel

pdf to excell work sheets

Pdf to excel, If there is Pdf file which you want to be in Microsoft Excel file format then it can be converted through this online tool. To use Pdf to excel, you’ve to browse a PDFs file and then you’ve to enter your e-mail address. Once your file is converted then the download link will be sent to your email address.

Pdf to excel converter

pdf to excel converter steps

This tool is similar to the previous one, same is the process for conversion. Simply browse a file that is in Pdf format and then enter email address so that the download link of converted file will be sent via mail.

Pdf To Word Conversion Tools

Now we’re going to discuss some best tools to convert PDFs files to word format, as there are lots of tools available in the market that’s why I’ve compiled the best ones among them.

Pdf To Word

enter email and the word file

This tool is specially build for converting a Pdf file to word online as the name implies, The process of converting a pdf file to word with this tool is very easy, that is to select a file from your pc and then click on “Convert To Word” button.

Convert pdf to word

converter pdf files to word doucments

With this tool you can convert a pdf file to word file format, what you’ve to do is to, choose a file and hit ‘Convert And Download’ button, After a short process a download button for your converted file will appears.

These were some of the free and best online pdf conversion tools, As some of them were general, while some of them were specialized in converting one to other, I hope that they will be useful for you and that you’ll get benefits from them, although there were lots of tools, read the description for each one to pick up the best for your small project.

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