5 Online Collaboration Tools To Get Organized in Projects

Are your projects always falling behind schedule inspite of devoting long hours at work? Are you finding it difficult to execute your project according to your plans? Do you feel, a reminder to your team is absolutely essential for ensuring that it remains focused at work? Do you need help for getting things done?

All these questions might be acting like a harsh reality check for you but you need not feel disheartened at all. There are a variety of applications available, that can help you in improving management of your projects. By using these tools, you would be able to save loads of time from your tight schedule and you can utilize it to not only strategise and plan for your upcoming work but also to re-energize yourself. So you would be able to put in best efforts to manage and execute your projects so that you can be more productive. This shall eventually lead you to the results and projects’ success which  you always desired.
Here in this post there are 13 free online project management tools you should also try out and make some choices.

Collaboration tools usage

Here we come with a concise but useful list of online collaboration softwares for enhanced organization and planning of projects. We spent lot of time and effort in reviewing a large number of tools available and pruned them further, so that we can bring forth only those tools which we think are best. These tools have proven superiority over their competitors besides being easy to use.

Google Drive 

Collaboration with Google docs

Google Drive, It is an online file storage and synchronization tool used for file sharing and collaboration. Files, documents and other things like images can be conveniently stored and effectively backed up in Google Drive which can be readily accessed from any phone, tablet or computer and from any location. Large files can be smoothly sent to team members and others involved in managing projects. They can flexibly work with various kind of files after installing a variety of Google Drive apps. Its built-in search engine enables finding of content through keyword search. With its optical character recognition capability, files can be scanned and converted into Google document. The good thing about this tool is that it is free to use.
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Dropbox collaboration

Dropbox, It is an online data backup service used to store, share and synchronization of files. This solution lets team members who are collaborating over projects to edit documents, share photos and videos from anywhere. They can conveniently share files with each other from anywhere. They can put their stuff in Dropbox and effortlessly access them from various devices like mobile, laptop. Members can control the access to their items, so only authorized persons can see their stuff. Back-up of files can be created to keep important documents intact. Deleted files can be retrieved within 30 days of their deletion. After 30 days, these will be lost permanently. Members’ stuff in Dropbox remains safe from accidents and can be speedily restored.
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Evernote to do tasks

Evernote, It is a to-do, note-taking and bookmarking tool. Notes can be easily created by using this solution and these can be readily viewed, edited and stored. Any kind of content whether in the form of to-do lists, web pages, photos, handwritten notes besides others can be captured in Evernote. Team members can group together their notes through customizable notebooks. They can search and filter notes through tags. By sharing notes, team members can work more efficiently. Its web clipper enables members to manage and add content to Evernote from any device. With its image recognition feature, text within images can be found.
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Proofhub project management software

ProofHub, It is an online collaboration software used for achieving improved organization and management of projects. Team members can communicate, collaborate fast and transparently. They can quickly discuss regarding an issue, share their ideas which results in fast resolution of those issues. This boosts members’ productivity and they can better bond as a team. They can readily connect with their projects on the go from their mobile. Tasks can be better defined through to-do lists and properly distributed among team members, so they can orderly execute them. Tasks, events and milestones in a project can be effectively tracked through calendar. Progress made in projects can be precisely measured through Gantt charts. ProofHub enables one to not only share documents from his or her computer but also from Google Drive and Dropbox as well. Tasks can be easily managed through its to-do lists. This tool also has reporting feature which is useful for management who wish to monitor progress without entering into nitty gritties of the project. So businesses can benefit more by using a single tool for document sharing and task management rather than using different tools for the same.
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Nimble social CRM

Nimble, it is a social CRM software used for tracking contacts, deals and sales. Businesses can better connect with their contacts and build profitable relationships with them through Nimble. It puts together contacts spread across Facebook, Twitter, Skype email, phone and others at a single place. So businesses can connect with them easily from the same interface. Activities can be effectively managed and tracked. Deals get better organized through pipeline management. Important sales information can be captured. Nimble offers integration with various third party tools like MailChimp, FreshBooks, Hootsuite, Zapier and others resulting in an improved workflow.
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These online collaboration tools drastically enhance organization and management of projects. So, they can be managed in a flexible, controlled and smooth manner and thus resulting in their timely accomplishment. By using these solutions, businesses can significantly improve chances of success in their projects thus enhancing their own productivity. 

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