Coolmuster iPhone Data Recovery Software Review

Alright, you already know iPhone is the world’s best smartphone, running iOS as its operating system, loosing data from it is big headache,
Here In this Post, I’ve got good news, with Coomuster iPhone data recovery software you can recover almost all files, yeah, sound good?
You can recover any format of files, could be photos, messages, contacts etc,  while the most important thing that would be interested to recover is photos,Coomuster app, recover deleted photos from iPhone 5/6 is done intelligently.

The software is cross platform, means you can install it on windows operating system or mac, it doesn’t matter whatever OS you installed on your machine, work the same.
Let’s get started to take a tour, Recover data from iPhone/Ipad/Ipod.

How to Use CoolMuster Data recovery software?

Before we jump into the steps involved in recovering the data, I’d like to tell it’s free to download, however to get the full features you need to purchase the software (One time fee).
Let’s download the software right away. Below are the two versions, if you have Mac or windows, downloading the respective one.

Alright, I assume, you have downloaded this software, and installed it on your PC or Mac, and you’re ready to recover some data.
Once you launched the software, you’ll see all the device it have detected, see the below figure.

coomuster data recovery
Select a device and click Start Scan.
It might take time, depending upon the volume of data and your PC specs. Once the process is completed, Oola, you get all the files on right away.
See the below figure as an example.

As you can see on the right side, you can navigate between call history, contacts, messages, notes, camera roll, photos and other file formats.
Check all, or the ones you want, press Recover button to get your data, select location to save the data.

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