12 Free Create Charts and Graphs Online Diagram Tools

Creating Pie chart, flow chart, Gantt chart, graphs and diagrams is now pretty much easy using free online tools, design the way you want and represent the work to your clients with the visual graphics so that on one glance the customers will get your point.

To create a graph, chart or a diagram, mostly the work is done on a most popular word processor named Microsoft Office that includes MS access, MS word, MS Excel to create charts, diagrams and graphs on the desktop operating system Windows.

Diagrams Charts Graphs Representation

Representing the data (In our Case information) in a visual form is the best way to present your work to your clients or users.

We’re humans, and a human understand pictures easily, even though when a human think, he uses images for thinking, In short let me say you in one line, A Picture is better than thousands of Words, Online Tools are available to create charts and diagrams for free, yes! You can create graphs too.

A Blogger or a website owner now days using Google analytics, Did you ever notice the Graphical and diagrammatic representation of your website data being presented. Awesome! Instead if the data were in numerical form, then would you like it?  Trust me. You won’t.

Why to Create Charts or Graphs and Diagrams

Representing the data in a visual form, in charts, graphs and diagrams is the best way and the most effective way to present the information analysis.

Did you ever notice the comparison between two cricket teams in a match? On one glance you get who is on top now.  Yes you do, because the data is presented in the form of charts and graphs.
Create Charts or Graphs with the online diagrams creating tools. Free Web Services that allow you to design easily with one click.
It is that much easy as creating in MS Word.

Online Tools to Create Charts and Graphs Free

Let’s Get started! Today in this post I’ve compiled best online tools to create charts, diagrams and graphs for free.
Some of the free tools that we will be discussing are specific for a specific purpose. For example. To create a chart online tool, some are for to create graph and some are to create diagrams. some websites offer all of them. 
For each online tool, I will be giving description so that you pick the best for yourself.
online tools are offered by Websites. These are Web 2.0 applications that are developed by high professional teams.

Chart Maker

Chart maker box

Chart maker,  is the online chart generator tool, you can create bar chart, line chart, venn diagram and scatter plot. simply type the data and then click on Get chart. The best thing about this Chart maker is that you can also get the URL of the Chart image. So that once you’re done. you can give to the person whom you want.

Chart Generator Online Tool

Chart generator values

Chart generator,  Another chart creating tool, simply type the title, the width and height, and select the type of chart that are 3D Pie chart, line chart, Sparklines chart, horizontal bar chart, vertical bar chart, 2D pie Chart, venn diagram, scattor plot and Radar chart. Once you’re done. then click on Generate chart and the chart will be showed.


iCharts visualization for everyone

iCharts, Browse thousands of Charts for business, economy, sports and more. Create Free Charts Online easily and share with the World. iCharts is one of the best if you want to get charts related to topics.

Google Chart Tool Online

Google chart tool online

Google charts, Google allow you to create professional charts, graphs and diagrams online for free. these are powerful tools developed by Google inc. Google Chart is one of the best if you have enough time and want to get the best results.

Create Bar Chart

Create bar chart parameters

Bar chart, Create Bar chart Online free tool, simple to use and powerful, if you have less time and want to create one, then it is the best site to make a chart Online.

Online Chart Tool

Online Chart Tool

OnlineChartTool, Online Chart is the best tool to create and design charts online. Types of charts are bar chart, pie chart, radar plots, line charts, and bubble chart that you can create for free. the best thing about this tools is that the design will be awesome.

Pie Chart Tool

Pie chart tool

Pie Chart, Best for creating Pie charts online. Simply you type the values (data) separated by commas and categories separated by commas, once you are done, you’re good to go. click on Graph it. and the Pie chart will be created. Similar to this tool, but with different colours. Try PieColor. Another similer to Pie chart tool is PieChartMaker


Chart Part pie chart

Chart Part, Chart part is using Google API. You can create charts on the flay in very less time. Simply type the data and the chart will be made on the right side of the page. the best thing about this tool is that it is real time chart tool, once you are putting data the result will be live.

Create Diagrams Online

This is especially for creating diagrams. Create different types of diagrams between entities. it is also useful if you want to create simple entity relationship diagram in less time. although it has’t all the functionalities but it is best if you have less time.

Create Chart Free Online Tool

Created chart using gizmo free online tool

ChartGizmo, To create a chart with Chart gizmo you will need to create an account. it is the best online tool if you want to create chart for your website,Blog and Social Network profiles. Create graphs to visualize financial and scientific data.

  These were some of the free online tools to create graphs, charts and diagrams in less time. Every Online tools that is offered by a website has some pros and cons. I have tried to differentiate them by their features. Use the One that is best for your work. 
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