Best Free Conference Call Services

Web based conference call services make it easy to collaborate in a pleasant environment and to share group related ideas. For small business it plays an important role as well as for business that have further sub teams and working in an environment to accomplish project tasks.

In our today’s post we’ll be discussing about different type of free conference call services that are available online and which are convenient to use having simple interface for the organizer to manage the team members.

We previously talked about free online phone calls top and best websites to talk online and now it’s time to make it advance further.
Conference calling is important for business teams to discuss about plans to bring together as project is going in progress, as we recently talked about free project management tools that are available online which makes it easy to manage project and it’s co-workers as well as online tools for collaboration to interact with the members of project team.
There tons of online web based applications and softwares that can be used for conference call purposes but among them most are paid and for which you’ll need to pay and even in start up is the same case.
Some offer you free access for limited time or having limited features which is even better the first one which even does’t let you test the service.
If you’re a website owner and a power visitor of Online free tools blog then you might know we’ve shared a list of free web monitoring services online for your website which let you relax and when your website down it let you know that.

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A web based online conference call service let you communicate with other callers in one place, if you had use mobile phone service for this purpose then you might know that it’s not the perfect way because the voice is’t clear and there could’t be room for lots of callers and now compare to online conference call it is easy and comfortable.
Some online services even let you add up to 1000 callers and some even more that it. however one hundred could be enough as long as the purpose of your communication.
The best thing about these services that are available online let your members of your team to even join via Telephone or cell phone.

Free Conference Call Services

Now let’s get started to free conference call service that are web based and are easy to use. I’ve complied a list of best service and tools that you can use to as you can’t to check one by one and to find the best one for yourself.
For each conference call free service there will be a short description from which you can decide to choose it or not.
The most popular conference call service was rondee and the best thing about it was that it was almost free but one down thing is now it does’t provide its service. Rondee is now acquired by Yahoo. If you’re running a small business for years then you might knew it and might used it.

Free Conference Call

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FreeConferenceCall, Allow you conference call for up to 6 hours with up to 96 callers as well as free international number access for free.

The first thing you need is to create an account and then invite all callers and distribute their dial-in information then schedule a time and get on call at that specific time. click here to get started.
Main features of this service are following.

Instant Access

  • Free conference calls are easy and simple to use.
  • Requiring only name and email address to receive an account.

Account Management

  • Access your account anytime. 
  • Invite participates.
  • Host online meetings.
  • View conference instructions.
  • Download,listen or pod cast recordings

Free conference call other features

  • Free conference call recording.
  • Playback and download features.
  • Free international access numbers.
  • Online meeting.
  • free call detail report via email after every call.

Free Conference Calling

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FreeConferenceCalling, Another free conference call service to host up to 1000 callers anytime.  It is easy and simple to use especially for the organizer it is manageable through it’s simple interface.

To get started you’ll need to create an account.

  • Allow you 24/7 Conference Calling as well as host free conference calls, the best thing about this service is that it is available for use anytime and from anywhere. Allowing you get conference call report every time you make one.
  • Get all information about attendees as well as recording feature.
  • You can record your conference call easily and playback is available via MP3. You can either Listen, download and pod-cast easily or setup as lead generation.
  • You will also get a a manager option through which you can manage all callers.
  • Watch your conference call from the web browser and manage specific rights for each conference call attendee – perfect for easy Q&A. Also hold large Conference Calls
  • Facilitate conference callers easily with up to 1,000 callers & crystal-clear audio from reliable, digital fiber-optic telephone lines.
  • Support of VOIP is also available which makes it easy for callers to call from mobile phone or land line number
These are the most popular services for conference calling, besides that other online calling tools that can be used for this purpose. such as Google Voice- During call anyone one can make conferencing by dialling  the Google voice number, similarly other free conference call services that is built especially for this purpose.
Uber-Conference, Groupme and Wiggio can also be used for free conference calling.
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