13+ Free Online Collaboration Tools

Collaborative tools are the most essential tools for any challenge, project management, businesses, and group related tasks. Collaborative tools are helpful for peoples who work as a group and accomplishing tasks in timely manner. Online collaboration is the modern way and we use tools to accomplish task oriented works. Educators such as Teachers, students and learners can use online collaboration tools to collaborate the learners.
We’ve discussed Social media tools for educators to create interaction between teachers and students. That helps them to complete works easily and effectively.
Today we’re going to discuss Free Online collaboration tools that can be used for almost any challenge.
Business needs a collaboration tool to help them communicate with each other or to accomplish a task efficient and easier.  Mostly are used for project managements.
Online collaboration tools are provided by Web 2.0 Platform. Often refer by Online Tools. There can also be a Collaborative Software that can be used as project management element.
Comparing to collaboration software an Online Collaboration tool is the most popular.
Small projects management teams can also use online collaboration tools to help them create task oriented environments.
We’ve used Free Social Media Management Tools to manage social activities for business.

There are tons of Ubiquitous and Unique online collaboration tools used by Developers and project managers.

What are Online Collaborative Tools?

Often meant by a collaborative application software is used to collaborate groups of teams accomplishing task or working together.

Collaboration software is also called by groupware, can also be referred by social software.
Software’s and tools that makes group related task easier and efficient, online tools that support them, provide communication lines, tools that help them to work faster. -Kamran Khan

Online collaboration meaning is different across peoples belong to different types of fields.  Such as collaborative tools for organization have different meaning and the uses is also different.  Similarly Online Tools for collaboration used by project managers, learners, educators and business.
Collaboration tools are used for a purpose, mostly one task. To have multiple task accomplishers tool organizations go for dedicated tool or software.

Free Online Collaboration Tools

As We’ve discussed earlier, Online collaboration are used for different types of purposes.The meaning and uses is different.
Today In this post we will be discussing Online tools that can be used for collaboration.
There’re tons of Collaborative tools, choosing the best vary across organizations and fields.
So I’ve compiled and organized these tools so that you can pick the best for your needs.
Let’s Get started.

Free Online Collaboration Tools for Business

Tools that create interaction between co-workers, group of teams. These tools are mostly used for project managements. 
Creating the collaboration between the members of project is necessary, communication between stakeholders and updating ,sharing current project level with the workers.
Following is the List of such of type of online collaboration tools that we can use to accomplish this kind of environment.
  1. iCoordinator:iCoordinator is a free software for project management and collaboration, It’s truly free for single users and have lots of features, learn about iCoordinator collaborative project management
  2. CubeTree:– Cube tree is an online business tool for collaborating project members, the free version offer user profiles, micro blogging, 10mb/user.
  3. Drop Box: Drop Box is a business tool that can be used as file sharing app. Whenever you make changes to folders all the co-worker would be updated.
  4. Jaiko:– Powered by Google, is a collaborative tool can be used as micro blogging for business.
  5. Co-Op: Sharing Updates and alerting the co-workers. Coopapp has all that, best for project managements and businesses.
  6. Pidgin:– Pidgin is the best online collaborative for business communications. Regardless of what staff members application type is, connect instantly.
  7. DiskAway:– Disk Away is an online project management software to track project updates, share works and manage team members modules easily.
  8. Basecamp:– Base camp is a project management application. Yet the Best. Used by 5 Millions peoples.
  9. Mural:– Mural is an online collaborating tool for organizing rich media files. 

Free Online Collaborating and Sharing Tools For Learners

Recently We‘ve shared 15 Tools for students,teachers and educators.
These 15 tools includes such type of tools that can be used for collaboration.
Creating interaction between the students. Blog for educations sites and lots of more learning stuffs.
This give facilities to teachers as well as to students to manage home works. social tools for educations that allow teachers to enter students in interaction environment.
  1. WiziQ:– WizeQ is an online collaborating tool for teachers and students. students can find classes easily. At the same time teacher can teach online and can upload contents.
  2. Connexions :– An online collaboration tool for educators. you can share your own materials such as lessons and notes and view others.
  3. Google Education:– Google provides lots of educational resources especially for teachers. Technology oriented class room supports and informations.
  4. MeetingBurner:– An Online collaborating tool to hold meetings online, also supported with Skype.
 These were some of the most popular free online collaborative tools, I hope that it will be useful for you.As there were different types of tools that can be used for different purposes. Choose the one that is best for your needs.
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    Great Post!. I would like to add another great online collaboration and project management tool – Proofhub. It lets you easily communicate with the whole team in one go. Everything is stored in one place, and so is available to all. Checkout http://www.proofhub.com/

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