10 Free Web Monitoring Services & Tools For Your Website

What if the server on which your website is hosted goes down? You won’t be able to know until some sincere friends shoot you an email or a message either from Mobile or from PC that the website is down and users are unable to access it, you’ll lose decent amount of income and lots of visitors because user see blank page and website is down and can’t to be accessed.  Even the most worst if your friend forgot to inform you, or they take much time then how you’ll monitor you website down time and uptime.
Well, it can also be done with Free Website Monitoring services, free web tools that monitor your website down time and uptime 24/7. Whenever something crucial occur with your website then you’ll get Email alert, even the most interesting is that you’ll also get SMS alert to your mobile phone.
Isn’t beneficial?

Free Web tools to monitor website downtime and uptime

Today we will be discussing about Website monitoring services and how to use it for own website.
Let’s start with basic info.

How Website Monitoring Tools works?

Not all web services work the same, every service work different from each other. For some you’ll need to place a script on your website and for others you’ll need to put some text inside your website homepage or a specific page.  However the first service that is illustrated in this post won’t need that, you’ll need to just have an account with the info about your Email address, URL of the website Page. It can be Static Website, WordPress, blogger Blogs, or any other CMS. Web tools will work for all as Cross Platform service.
The Web tools (Once you setup the web monitoring service) will be monitoring your website uptime, and whenever they get something wrong (means website (server) go down), then the web service will send you an email along with the details of data and time that the server is down, then whenever your server will turn up then you’ll also get an SMS alert and email alert that Now your website is up and running.

Is Monitoring website service free? 

Depending on the requirements and services you want from web monitoring services, almost all the web tools are free to notify by Email alerts and SMS alerts. If you want more services and features then you will need to go for premium and have to upgrade to pro. Let’s say you need only Free Services, you’ll get web services monitor you website. 

The Importance of Web Monitoring services

Web monitoring services are important, because No one want- visitors see blank web page that says, the server is temporary down. Do you?

Free Web Monitoring services to Monitor website downtime

Once server goes down, you’ll lose all visitors from social media sites, or from Google Search, and if they are power visitors of your website, then you’ll lose even more. Do you want that?
If you are running business online and selling products or providing other services, you’ll lose handsome amount of money and income. Do you want that?
We need Web monitoring services and that’s why they are important.

Free Website Monitoring Services 

Now let start with the Online services that monitor your website, there are numerous web monitoring services that monitor website uptime and down time. Here’re some of them.

  1. Pingdom– Free Services to Monitor Website downtime and uptime, the best thing about pindom is that you’ll get not only Email alerts but also SmS alerts to your mobile phone.
  2. Siteuptime– Another website services to notify by alerts when server down, there are also premium packages offered by siteuptime to have access to advance features.
  3. ServicesUptime–  monitor website every 30 minutes and if website is found inaccessible then you’ll be informed by email.
  4. FreeSiteStatus– inform you when the status of your website get change (Up/Down). it have also advance features such as creating time where monitoring services will be suspended plus 9 locations to monitor from.
  5. InternetSeer– Tell you, how much time your website was down, and when it turn up. free version have limited features but you’ll be able to monitor your website uptime.
  6. Site 24×7– Monitor website uptime regularly every 60 minutes, free services allow you monitor two URLs, with the premium version you’ll be able to create maintenance windows for your server.
  7. Montastic– A simple interface, to get free reports about your website up and down time, allow you monitor upto 100 URLs for free.
  8. Mon-itor-US – Absolutely free services to monitor website downtime, you can add unlimited URLs and can access every feature. send you email alerts when server goes down.
  9. HyperSpin– Monitor website from unlimited locations, A free version have limited features but still you will be notified when web server go down. also when server up and start running.
  10. HostTracker– Allow you check instantly from world wide locations to know the website is running or not. you will be notified when server go down via Email, SmS.

Today’s post was another Website Tool published by Online Free Tools, Website Monitoring is important because no one want to see his/her website is down, at least you need to be notified when your web server gone down and when up.
I hope these Web Monitoring Services will be useful for you, Feel free to use the one you think the Best.

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