10 Courses & Lessons to Learn a New Language Online For Free

World Wide Web is full of resources to learn languages online free. For everyone learning a new language is a bit hard in the start while Free Online Tools are available that helps you learn another language quickly and easily with video, audio, info graphics and Games. People whose native language is not English wish to learn English language online,  Peoples want to learn French language online, peoples also want to learn a language that they need either for communication purpose with their new friends or for another purpose, such as reading a book, online business and other purposes.
Learn International LanguagesOur Today Post will help you learn a new language using Online Tools for free; we will be sharing different types of resources that you can use and some websites that offer them.

There are number of websites that offers you online courses to learn foreign languages, some of them are completely free, some are best, and for some you will need to pay.
So today I compiled some best online resources and courses to learn a Language Online.

Learn Languages Online For Free

To Start Learning a new language, you will need to study the basics, such as, when two persons communicate they talk about each other, ask about their daily life, routines and hobbies. 
words that are mostly used by peoples when they met with each other.
There are special courses and lessons that are written by the professionals for newbies.

Once you learned the basics then you can start reading articles and Newspaper to improve language skills.
Here’s the list of 10 resources to Learn Languages Online for free.

Learn Spanish Online with Rocket Spanish

Rocket Spanish learning intro

Learn How to speak and understand Spanish language easily and quickly.  It is best if you want to learn Spanish like a native. Click Here to Visit Rocket Spanish Website.(Premium But Worth to Pay)

BBC Languages- Online Lessons For Free

BBC free online lessons list

BBC Languages, provided by BBC.co.uk/languages, 40 languages to learn, including the most popular languages, French, German, Spanish,Italian, Greek, Chinese, and Portuguese to learn.

As we discussed earlier, to learn new languages you’ll need to learn the basics, and that’s what BBC languages providing.

Foreign Service Institute

FSI Languages, Although FSI has’t a lot language courses, but if you’re the one who want to learn Chinese, Hindi or other language, does’t include Serbian language, Urdu and English language to learn.
FSI provides courses arranged with units with audio lessons.  

Free language education for the world-DuoLingo

DuoLing flags of different languages

DuoLingo provides courses to learn most popular languages such as Spanish, English,French,German,Italian and Portuguese. Apps are available for android phones and iOS.

To start learning you’ll need to create an account or sign up with facebook.

Lang-8 Online Language Learning

Lang 8 learn new language instant

91 languages to learn online for free, native speakers from 180 world wide countries. A community that help you learn and improve international languages skills. 

Language Learning Communities

Language learning communities help you improve your speaking and writing skills, by interacting with other community members you’ll not just improve speaking language skills but also make friends.
Here are some of the communities.

Language learning community –Bussu 

Bussu Language learning community flags

Bussu is one of the most popular community for language learning, learn languages online with interactive language courses and lessons. Download mobile apps to learn languages on the go.Connect with world wide community to practice your language skills Also get access to grammar guides.

Here is more community websites for language practice. LiveMocha and LingQ.

Effective Language Learning

Effective Language Learning

EffectiveLanguageLearning, Courses to learn second language, a New Language to learn. Free language courses for Chinese, French, German, Italian,Spanish and lots of more. Effective language learning is the top and best resource for language learners.

  These were some of the online courses to learn a language free, I hope that they will be useful for you and that you’ll learn new languages easily. For me the first one (BBC Languages) was interactive but it is good just for learning language basics. 
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