Top 10 Free Online Logo Maker Tools

A logo is a small image that defines the identity of an Organization, or objectives of a company. Most of the websites and blogs have a logo which shows the concept of their sites. There are numerous techniques to make a logo for your website, mostly peoples use Photoshop to create a logo, and some use other software’s.  Here in this post there’re 7 tools to make a logo for your company, organization, website and blogs online for free.

A professional logo plays an important role for website popularity, whether it is social media such as Facebook, Google Plus, twitter etc. where you have official fan page, or your own website where you put a logo just besides header, making a logo and placement needs to be adopted properly.

Make a Logo with Logaster Online Web App

Logaster logo maker
Logaster is an online web tool to make logos. Thousands of concepts to choose from with the variety of fonts, icons, symbols to use in your logo design.  Once you finish your logo design you can save it to re-design next time, to do that, you’ll need to have an account. Learn more about Logaster Web app

Logo Creator Software for Windows and Mac

Highly Recommended! Logo Creater softwares give you all the features that are required for business logo making.  Logo creator software is available for windows and Mac users. Download Now and Make a professional logo for your business. 

logo creator software

Make a Logo with Pixler

A sample logo designed

Basically pixler is an online photo editor, A Photoshop web app, may not be official by adobe. Our work is to make a professional logo with pixler, did you use Photoshop? Or had experience?  No worry. Pixler made it easy to design a logo.

Make a logo Using Chrome Extension

A logo designed using chrome extension logomaker

Google Chrome extension Logo maker is developed by Flashextended.
You can make a logo, save you logo so that you can resume later.  You can also buy Logo maker to have premium and advance features.  If you want to design a lot for blogs having niche nature then it’s for you.

Make a logo with FlamingText

a logo made with Flaming text

Flaming text offers you an easy way to create a logo, select a font style from a set of fonts.  Entering text and aligning made easy with drag and drop features. Flaming text also offer you to download logo free for personal use.  Besides that you can get HTML code to add to your site.

Make a Beautiful Logo with FreeLogoService

a free logo made using freelogoservice

With thousands of designs and concepts to choose from Freelogoservice offers professional logos free for personal use. Select a category and get all related concepts and designs. You can also save your logo to edit later,  but for that you’ll need to create an account with them.

Make a Professional Logo with Logomaker

a logo designed using logomaker

Logomaker is an Online Web Application that allows you to create professional logos for your websites, blogs, companies and for organizations.  The best thing about logomaker is that it’s free. To get download your logo, you’ll need to have an account with them, although taking snap will work which is available in windows 7 and 8. For the writing purpose though I am using it, just to save some time. When it comes to designing, logomaker has a lot of features.

Make a Pro logo with Logo Ease

A logo with Logoease

The most popular one, Logo ease offer you a variety of tools to design logo for your website, one thing I noticed in their web app was fast loading.  5 lines to add texts to your logo, a unique feature compare to other online apps was it has text symbols available.  Logo ease is the best if you want to create logo for your blogs because it has “writing” symbols.

Wasn’t easy to make a Logo?

I have shared the best tools to make free logos online; I hope you’ll like them, besides Google chrome extension which was especially for nature concept. All others has tons of categories, features, text symbols and stylish fonts.  Have a problem with making a logo for your website or Blog? Leave a comment and will give you some tips.

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