5 Best Free Online File Sharing Websites That Supports Large Files

Online file sharing services offered by websites on the internet help you upload large files and share with your friends, it can be accessed and downloaded from anywhere and anytime. With these kind of services you can upload files in bulk and then can send a download link to your friend. It is easy and fast depending on your internet connection upload speed.
Your PC hard drive can’t guarantee you that it can be damaged, you may have some of your documents that you need sometimes when you’re on the go, In case you don’t have a laptop and have only computer then obviously you can’t carry it with yourself.
Similarly if you need to send large files to some of your friend and he’s very far from you or even in broad country, then obviously you can’t to spend that much bucks to visit him, would you?

Here’s the power of internet and it comes in handy when you want to send a document- could be images, media files such as videos, softwares, you just need to use a website that provides you free web space (storage) and upload your desired files from your own PC and then by giving link to download to your friend it’s there.
Here’re some other useful online resources we previously published.

Although there are many sites for sharing files online but I’ve compiled a list of best websites and services that you can use to upload large files quickly.
You might used Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail or any other email service provider to send documents to your friends but as they limit you to file size you can’t to send large files via email so.
We previously discussed Online PDF Conversion tools that were too useful online resources to accomplish tasks in timely manner.

Free Online File Sharing Websites

Here I’ll be sharing with you best online file sharing services that you can use to share files online free. Every website have it’s own limit, some allow you upload file upto 300 mb, some even more and some less, If you’re likely to share files with the users of your site then you also need to keep in mind the Bandwidth, If you’re going to use for personal use – means just to send files to someone then it won’t hurt you.


Mediafire drag and drop uploads figure

Mediafire is the most popular online file sharing site, allow you upload files upto 50 GB for free, The best thing about mediafire is its user friendly interface, it is fast and pretty much easy, one down thing is that you can’t upload a file its size is greater than 200mb. One thing that I don’t like in mediafire is annoying ads on their site.


Dropbox files upload dashboard

Dropbox is a great file sharing service to upload and share files online, You can use it for personal use as well as for collaboration purpose, it has tons of feature for businesses type accounts, We recently talked about online collaboration tools and project management tools that are free to use for your small business. The best thing about Dropbox sharing system compare to mediafire is that it allow you upload of unlimited size. One down thing is Bandwidth issues.


Drop.io is another file sharing website to share files online, it provide storage space to basic users upto 100 mb while to premium users upto 10 GB. The best thing about drop.io is that you can let other co-workers of your project team to upload files to your account and edit them.


4Shared dashboard and upload button demonstration

4Shared is another file sharing website which is web based and free to use, the best thing about 4shared is that you can upload a file quickly and easily.

Gives you lots of space for online storage for free.

Mail Big File 

Mail Big file getting started guide

MailBigFile is a website to upload your files and share with your friends, allow you upload a file of maximum size of 200 mb. The best thing about this site is that you can upload and share files without registering an account.

These were some of the best online file sharing websites that are free to use, although there hundreds of sites and services that you can avail on the internet for file storage and sharing files but these five were the most popular, I hope that our today post will be useful for you and that you’ll get benefits from it, I’ve done my best to share with you Top online file sharing sites, pick up the best according to your requirements.
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