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Hi! Everyone. Welcome to Online Free Tools Blog, The Blog where you get Freebies, free tools, Graphic designing free stuffs, website designing, free widgets, free themes and lots of more free things.

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Now days, internet is the best teacher, the best playground, the best resource for everyone related to any field. Either you want to design images, to find fonts, to get Psds, to find best free sites to edit images, to design websites, to find themes for your blog. You might also want to learn things, to play with codes, to do online business, to surf on the internet, to do online jobs.

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The List is Endless.

We’re here to help you with Online Free Tools.

The Starting

OFT is a newly born blog, lau
nched on 4th July, 2013. To start we’ll need to point our custom domain to blogger.  Throughout the journey we’ll be sharing freebies that you need.

Our Aim

Our aim is provide the best freebies to our readers, the best sites where you can use the tools, only the effective ones.

We Love our Learners

To have good relationship in the future, we’ll be sharing those free online tools that you actually want regardless of what they are for others.

Your turn to Appreciate

We give you free candies; your turn is to appreciate it. We know you’re priceless.
 You get the free candy; your friends deserve the same.

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