6 Type of Online Jobs College Students Can Do Easily

The world is literally facing a economical crises and everyone is the victim of it, even the rich aren’t spared, middle class rest aside. Everyone dream that they’ll get a good degree and land on their dream job and live happily ever after but wait, to get that degree, you have to go through college and pay hefty fees.

6 Ways How College Students Can Make Money

Not everyone can afford such fee, thus they leave education and get hired at a minimum wage job but that’s wrong. Thanks to internet, there are thousands of stuff that an college student can do from the comfort of their home and study at the same time.

Online Jobs for College Students

There are tons of jobs that a college student can do from the comfort of their home and not only earn enough to pay their fee but infact, you can support your family and who knows, maybe it becomes your full time career (as it is for many).

Blogging (On Blogger)

Blogger - Free Bloging Platform
Blogger, Blogging can be define as an online diary, you can write on whatever topic you want to like tech, religious, gadgets, mobiles, history, politics or anything. Keeping in mind that’s for college student so we reckoned Blogger platform instead of WordPress since Blogger is a free service owned by Google where you’re given free hosting and free sub domain of .Blogspot. You can spread your blog everywhere and put Adsense’s ads on it and earn a stable income from it easily.
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Freelancing is a very deep thing and it has so many branches that for one it can takes decades to learn everything but the good thing is that you don’t have to learn everything, infact, you only have to be the expert of one special thing that appeals to you and then you’ll see the money rolling in everyday. For instance, if you’re expert writer, you can hunt for writing project and work without any long term commitment. 


Fiverr is the fastest emerging 5$ market. Basically at Fiverr, people sell loads of stuff and services just for 5$ and nothing more (although you can attach extras). If you even have a decent gig, then you can easily earn a decent amount of income per month with ease. Skid through their gigs and see what can do better and then see the magic.

Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate marketing is truly where the big money is. There are many sites which are perfect to start your affiliate marketing career from, like Clickbank or JVZoo. Affiliate marketing in simple term is a straightforward business. You sell someone else’s product and whenever or however you make a sale, you get a pre decided commission (up to 70%). Affiliate marketing is responsible for many millionaires and there is room for plenty more.
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Teespring has revolutionize the way this online T-Shirt industry works. Thanks to Teesprings, anyone and everyone can sell their own custom made T-Shrits without paying any upfront money to the manufacturer. You set a goal there that you’ll sell xxx amount of T-Shirts and when that about is sold, the payment is released and shirts shipped without you going in to any sort of hassle, now ain’t that just superb.  
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Etsy is a direct marketplace.If you’re a good hand artist or love to do these types of things then Etsy is a place for you. Etsy connects individual seller to the buyers and enables them to directly deal with them and cut out any bloodsucking enterprise which sucks out most of the profit from your hardwork. Etsy has a large variety of category of stuff that you can sell and make profit from them.
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I think, this post gives you plenty of ideas how a simple college students can not only make money for their college fees but infact, you can support your family and earn a good amount of income from your home and work at hours you choose to work on.

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