13 Online Marketing Tools Every Internet Entrepreneur Should be Using

Entrepreneurs all around the world are increasing at a surprising speed. Everyday, ton of startups are being emerged with the promise to make things better for us.
An entrepreneur is basically a one man army and without the right tools in their toolkit, they just can’t match the productivity which they’re hoping to reach in order to achieve their goals.
Previously we’ve shared list of 30 SEO tools every blogger should be using to optimize blog for their readers and for search engine such as Google.

Marketing tools for Entrepreneurs
For that very reason, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of 13 best tools that can assist you in your venture and hopefully increase the chances of it succession.

Marketing Tools For Internet Entrepreneurs 

This list is a mix of online apps, desktop softwares and mobile applications and will assist you along wonderful way of entrepreneurial success.


Hootsuite for marketing
HootSuite, Social media has changed the way everything works now, everyone and everything is now connected thanks to social networks so it’s not a surprise that how important social media is for you and your venture. There are literally hundreds of social networks and for a single man, it can be really challenging to manage all but fear not because Hootsuite can assist you in managing all of your social networks account along with their stats with the help of its highly user friendly UI.
Try more free social media management tools to automate your social activities. 


Surf simply and be comportable
Adblocker, It is a browser plugin for Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, Opera and Android. It’s a really helpful plugin because every website is bombarded with ads and it can get really distractive and divert your attentions to elsewhere, where it’s not needed. Adblocker helps you block ads and annoying pop up blocker and allows you to do your work with more attention.
Here are the tools to measure and track your influence online, these are many to make some choices.


Rescue Time app
RescueTime, Used and trusted by thousands of users, RescueTime is one of the best software of its type. It allows you to track your time and your progress of how you’re using your time more effectively rather than wasting it on social media like Facebook and Twitter.
Here are the tools to for collaboration, especially for small business and startups to collaborate under one platform.


Expensify online tool
Expensify, Money managing is one of the most important task for anyone (else then bankers). Once you get a Credit card, one feel like they got the holy grail or something and start using it everywhere without knowing how much they’ve spent and where. Expensify can help you mange your CC expenses, it can import the data from your card and helps generate a easy to read expense report on which you can act on and cut down some expenses perhaps.


Madmimi for marketing
Madmimi, Everyone and anyone that has been in Internet marketing for some time will tell you that “money’s in the list” and to be honest, they’re not lying because that’s where truly the money is. Madmimi helps you pick your customers email and convert them to your recurring customers by keeping them engaged.


Internet notes
EverNote, You don’t always keep a pocket-book with yourself but a mobile phone? Now that’s everywhere with you. Evernote is an alternative for traditional todo list and helps you remember all the little and big things that come across your mind through the day.


files collaboration on the web
Dropbox, It is an insanely awesome cloud storage solution for a individual or even an enterprise. It helps you keep all of your data organised and accessible from all over the world through any device including Android and iOS.
Here’s the list of 5 free online file sharing sites you should try to make some choices.


Elance find jobs
Elance, There’s only so much things that a single person can do and that’s where the team is so important but startups sometimes cannot afford a whole team but you don’t have to anymore because Elance gives access to its hundreds of thousands of workers and allows you to outsource your work more efficiently and without any long term commitments. 

Google alerts

Google alerts
Google Alerts, Staying update about the things happening in your field is really crucial and essential as your success depends on it because adapt to survive is the way to go not the other way around. Just set Google alert with the topics which are relevant to your or your field and Google will send you an Email as soon as any news is posted about it.
Try out more Google tools to maximize learning for students and teachers.

Google Docs

Google docs to save time
Google docs, It is a free service which allows it users to create, edit, manage and download any sort of office documents like doc files, spreadsheets and slidehows. It makes everything easy to manage and accessible from everywhere around the world. You can even share it with your friends or business associates.
Here are other word processors online tools, besides Google docs. 

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Noise Cancelling headphones for working
NoiseCancellingHeadphones, Working with your allowing teammate? Who keeps asking stupid question or keep talking and talking? Well then get yourself a noise cancelling headphone and pretend to listen a song (listen if you want to) So you may finish your work more quickly.


Just works
Justworks, Like I said before, there’s only so much things a man can do and surly you don’t want to waste your time managing payrolls and invoices. Justworks allows you handle all this messy work with the ease of its user friendly interface.

Absolutely Nothing

Yes, I am not kidding. Like the saying goes “all work no play make jack a dull boy” pick a time in which you don’t have to do anything, Stare at wall or throw some catches, just not work. Please.
These are some of the most essential tools for any entrepreneur which will reduce your stress and work load by a significant percentage.
These are some of the most essential tools for any entrepreneur which will reduce your stress and work load by a significant percentage. I hope you find these tools helpful. 

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