13 Best Free Online Survey Tools

Online or Internet surveys can be very much helpful in being aware of what your matters are and just how effective your own applications are going to be. These online survey tools can give your free analysis without disturbing or spending your budget.  Free survey resources could be a really most affordable method for providing online surveys as well as gathering and examining outcomes via one main program. Online or internet surveys are good for collecting information easily and quickly.
Surveys are definitely the supply of information, especially for experts. It does not need a lot papers or even study. Because of the large increase associated with technologies, a short time like few months is required in order to study large survey results.

Nowadays there are a lot of excellent internet resources which allow customers to produce as well as carry out polls as well as online surveys immediately and all this for totally free.

We have created a listing of the best study resources, especially for educators taking into account their own academic requirements. These tools are incredibly easy to use.

Why you should use Online Survey Tools?

Online survey tools are becoming very popular within the last couple of years. Simply put survey, develop a study wherever all of the functions will be automatic. Online Survey Tools are very much useful and helpful. They provide Convenience and Simplicity to create surveys quickly.

Online survey using tools

These tools are Economical and in your budget range. They have More Responses as compared to other paper surveys. Online survey tools Capture Data Quickly and increase the efficiency of a survey. Response Rate of these tools is much higher than other types of surveys. Online surveys are very much flexible.

Internet survey tools allow you to create tough questionnaires as well as easy ones. You can use extensive branching techniques and features to determine the complexity of questionnaires. This allows you to get accurate results based on your target audience.

Free Online Survey Tools

There are a lot of great web tools which can be used for surveys for free. Here I have listed the best free online survey tools specifically for educational purposes specially.
We’ve recently discussed about free social media tools for students and teachers that helps educators interact students with teachers and some resources.
These tools are free and very simple to use.


Kiqpoll figure

It is a simple and free online survey tool. You do not have to register to use it. You can add your options to the survey after creating the survey. You can also share the surveys with the short links.


Yarp survey

No registration is required to use Yarp online survey tools. Just go to the site, make surveys and share them easily.


Poll Every where

This tool has a unique feature that it allows 40 responses per poll.



Flisti is an online survey tools which is also very simple and easy to use. After creating surveys on this tool you can put the surveys on your site or blog by using codes.


This is another special tool for teachers. It can be used for online quiz tool. Online surveys and polls are also available in it for free. It is simple and easy to use and implement on your site.


Ob Survey

Quick surveys can be made using this tool.


If you want to create a yes or no survey then tool is the best tool for this purpose.


Vorboe survey tool

Vorboe is an online survey tool especially for teachers and for educational purposes. You can add styles to the surveys and share surveys too.


Surveys your way poll dady

Polldaddy is for creating free polls with up to 10 multiple questions and options.


Micro Poll tool

This survey tool has a special feature. Micropoll allows email address too with the survey questions and answers. You can share the polls and surveys created here on you blog or website using codes.

Kwik Surveys

Kwik Surveys tools

Kwik Surveys allow to design and create surveys as well as suggestions blocks. It is totally free and you just have to register a free account and create surveys.

Poll Junkie

Poll Junnkie survey maker

Poll Junkie allows to add a time period for running a survey online, it also gives email notifications for each poll entry.

Google Docs

Google Documents provide some forms where you can create a simple survey or poll. If you’re a Blogger user, then you can also use a survey or poll gadget in BlogSpot.

 These were some of the most popular and best free online survey tools; I hope that they will be useful for you. They are really helpful to get feedback and public opinion on a particular topic. Select the best tool to perform surveys and polls online.

  1. Kamran Khan

    Comments are appreciated, if you have another survey tool and want to share, you can do so, please do not use anchor tags for inserting links.

  2. Mark Evans

    SurveyMoz is a tool I have used before, which has an a very generous free plan. I've never heard of most of your suggestions, thanks for the list!

  3. Kamran Khan

    Thanks for sharing a tool with our readers.
    I've sorted tools in quick order, so that users can pick up the best for their-self.

  4. Emily Woods

    I prefer SoGoSurvey's online survey software. It's simple and yet packed with some pretty powerful features.

  5. Kamran Khan

    Thanks for sharing an online survey tool with our readers. I appreciate it.

  6. Victor

    Hi Kamran,

    There are plenty of great free services out there in the market at the moment, but we picked up on some main issues:
    – Very limited features
    – Very few responses allowed on the free tier
    – Exceptionally difficult to use
    – No branding

    We have been developing what we believe to be the most awesome survey tool around – http://www.SuperSimpleSurvey.com

    Basically, the free tier has all the awesome features (nothing is limited), and you can get 150 responses before needing to upgrade.

    Hope that makes some of your lives easier 馃檪


  7. Kamran Khan

    Hi Victor: Thanks for pointing and sharing an online survey tool with our readers, I really appreciated it. 150 Responses is good. Good that is not limited.

  8. Amber Orzel

    I use http://www.evalandgo.com/. They offer various types of accounts to meet your specific needs, and if you're a student like me, you get an account free for a year with every feature. I would suggest looking at their site!

  9. Kamran Khan

    Hi Amber,
    Thank you for sharing an Online survey tool with our readers, Yeah Evalandgo is also good for surveying online, Great for Students.

  10. Reis Muhameti

    The one I use is http://www.iziSurvey.com
    It is one of the best because there you can create a survey and you can download it on your tablet (Android or iOS) to gather date in person, also it allows you to publish the survey online so people can fill it. You can see the results on graphs, export them on SPSS or Excel file. It also has many question types like Participate, Radio, Checkbox, Text, Percentage, Radio Open, Checkbox Open, Percentage 2, Rank, Matrix, Numeric, Email and more. You can check http://www.izisurvey.com platform and maybe you can add it on this article too.

  11. Kamran Khan

    Hi Reis,
    Thanks for sharing another online survey tool and the brief description, it really help to know much better.

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