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Converting a video to another video format is now easy with online video converter as you don’t need to download and install programs or softwares.
Devices have compatibility issues to play all sorts of video files as they are not specific for them. Some might works great with avi files some with wmv and others with mp4 and mpg. Same is the case for audio files, such as MP3 audio file is almost compatible with all latest devices.
The situations occur when your video player can’t to read the video file and give an error that it does’t support the particular file, then you needs to convert that specific video file to another format it supports and compatible with.
Online tools and apps are available to manipulate media files, we recently talked about Online Adobe Photoshop tool for editing and designing photos.
There are many freewares available to convert video to other video format but as they work on desktop machines only which takes lots of time.
That’s why Here in this post I’ll be sharing with you a tool to convert videos online.

Why You need to Convert Video Online?

To convert a video online is much easier and timeless with web applications and online tools as compare to computer programs and softwares.

This is’t the only case, Most of the online video converters are free to use while softwares and programs are trail versions and you need to buy it for complete use.
That’s why you need to use online video converter for media files conversions.

Online Video Converter

Let’s get started and talk about tools that are available online for video conversions, i.e you upload a particular video file and select the output video format and start processing.
Such kinds of tools are cool and ease of access as you don’t need to run a program to accomplish this kind of task.
Now here’s a question, what about the converted video quality? would it be same as input video, in terms of clearance, the quality of video won’t be same as you’ve reduces the file size- is the case when you convert a high quality video to low quality video format, for example you’ve a video file of avi format and you convert it to mp4 or 3gp then as it is lower quality type the quality won’t be great.
To some extent a Best Online Video converter will give you in return good quality type video as output.
We’ll be discussing 2 types of tools for video file conversions. One is for general purpose is the case when you’ve a video and want to convert it while the second one is lots of video files conversions.

Use ApowerSoft to Convert a video Online

ApowerSoft is the best online video converter for general purpose use. It is free to convert any types of videos quickly. 

APowerSoft supports lots of output video file formats such as mp3,mp4,wav,avi,wma,mov,acc,wmv,ac3,webm,flac,asf,ogg,mkv,mpg,ra,vob,flv,swf,3gp and dv.

It is easy to use and in a few steps you can get your converted video.

convert video online
You simply browse a video or audio file from you computer, then select the output format- is the format to which your video will be converted.

In the video settings you can change to other resolution if you want, if you don’t know what it means then keep it as original. You can also change bitrate and and frame rate. In the audio settings you can change the sample rate and channel type. One you are done, you’re good to go. Click on Convert and your video conversion will start.

Convert Multiple Videos Files Online

As I said earlier ApowerSoft was best for general purpose use, To accomplish bulk video conversion online you needs to use Cloud Convert to convert large amount of files.

Online multiple video converter
The best thing about this online tool is that you can also choose videos from Google drive and can convert them to another video format, the coolest thing is that it can also send the converted video files.
So These were some of the tools to convert video online, I hope that they will be useful for you, as there were two kinds of tools, depending on your requirement use the best for your task.
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