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Resizing pictures and photos as well as cropping images is now pretty much easy and quickly if you we use free online tool to accomplish such kind of small task.
We need to manipulate media files for various purposes, If its a video and converting it online or if its an image and we want to reduce its size or if we would like to crop image to make another shape of it.
We recently talked about many media files manipulating such as Online Photo Shop Editor by Adobe as well as Editing an image and designing it to make more beautiful.
You might used Microsoft Picture manager to resize images, might also used Adobe Photoshop Picture Editor but as they are desktop based applications (softwares) which takes time to download and install.
When you need to accomplish a small task then you should use an online tool.

Why to Resize image Online? 

Resizing an image is a small task, Here’s why you should accomplish such small tasks online, In case you don’t have access to any photo editor software- is the case when you are working on other PC (not yours), might be office PC or your friends.
picture resizing online
You might did’t install an application that can be used for media files manipulations.
That’s why you should resize and crop image online.

Online Picture Resizing and Cropping Free

Now Let’s get started and resize an image online for free as well as crop a picture if we need to. There are lots of tools available online for picture resizing and almost all are free to use.
Some of them are interesting, Here’s How- They will tell give you lots of options that you can apply on your photo so that you can turn its shape by cropping or resizing it so that it have less size. With Resizer tool you can reduce or decrease size of an image.

Use PicResize for Cropping and resizing images

Picresize and best online photoshop is the most popular online image resizer and cropper tool, Among its other features one feature is batch resizing (Resizing multiple images) which allow you resize large amount of images with one mouse click button.
resizing picture
To Resize or crop an image first browse image from the Web by entering an image URL or upload from your own PC and Continue.
If you want to crop image, you can do by Selecting a particular place and once you finish, click on Crop Selection to complete.
Online image cropper
Scroll down and resize image by % if you need to, you can also add special effects to your photo if you would like to. Similarly you can select picture format, quality and specific size if you needed. Once you finish everything. Click on I’m Done Resize my Picture.
I hope our today post will be useful for you and that you will get benefit from it, although there are lots of online tools for picture resizing and cropping, I shared with you the most popular that I’m also using.In our upcoming posts about free online tools I’ll be sharing with you tools that you can use to optimize pictures for Websites. I’ll also be sharing with you other useful and interesting tools. Stay tuned!
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