Online Tool to Optimize Images For Web

Optimizing images for web can can greatly enhance user experience as well as it can reduce website speed, the more you’ll reduce load time of your website the more it’ll have higher rankings. You can also optimize images on online photoshop photo editor.
We recently talked about Web optimization tools for improving SEO to improve website contents and to make them search engines friendly as well as user friendly.
Today we’ll be talking about image optimization for web, we’ll be using an online tool to do that. Sometimes Resizing and cropping image using online tool can reduce a picture size but the image may not be optimized one.
That’s why it is necessary to properly optimize images before uploading them to websites or blogs. Most of the bloggers ignore that, although it takes time but it’s worth to.
There are two main benefits of optimized images in a website, the website load fast because image is optimized and size is reduces or decreased. It is not uncommon and every SEO analyst believe on it, the more a website have less load time the more it have higher rankings in search engines, here I assumed that all your competitors sites are optimized the same as yours. The second main benefit is that it enhances user experience because the website page load fast.

Why You should Optimize Images for Web?

Don’t you want your website load fast? Don’t you want your readers have good experience while surfing on your website? Don’t you want to improve your website for search engines? Your answer is Yes! You want.

Optimize images for webs

Although it takes your time to optimize every image but probably it helps your website.
Same is the case if you are a blogger, when writing a blog post you usually use images to convey your message to your readers and to let them know what the post is about.

Optimizing Images For Web Online

Now let’s get started and optimize an image, although there are many online tools that you can use for optimizing images, I’ve selected the most popular one that I’m also using to optimize images before I upload them into my Blog posts.
A picture can convey message easily and quickly, we recently talked about Best Data Visualization tools that are free to use online to visualize data in graphical form.

How to Optimize images for Web

To optimize an image we will be using an online tool offered by Dynamic Drive. So let’s get started to optimizing images, Here’s the Full URL ( of the website that is offering Online image Optimization Tool.

Dynamic Drive Online images optimization
When you upload a picture either from the Web (Image URL) or from your Own Computer by clicking the browse button, Click on Optimize button and scroll down, you’ll be given lots option. You can change the format of image if you would like to. (PNG,JPG and GIF).
Now there will be different types of images that are optimized. The original image size is reduced by %.
Pick up the one that you think the best also check to see the size of optimized image.
Simply Right Click and Save image on your PC. 
I hope our today Post will be useful for you and that you will get benefits from it, Using optimized images in blog posts and websites can help your website improve rankings as well as your readers experience.
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