RationalPlan: Collaborative Project Management Tools

Rational Plan project management tools are one of the top tools for project team members and administrator (project manager), so dynamic with all the practical needs you can name.
Today we’re going to talk about all 4 products Rational plan offering on their website, all of the are related to project management with some difference.
Rational plan Team collaborate with big companies like IBM, Sony, and a few others.
Before we start talk about their product features and discuss each one by one, it’s important you choose the one that suite your needs.

Rational Plan Project Management Software Features

Basically Rational Plan offering 4 stand alone project management softwares. One is Project viewer, the second one is project management tool for a single project, similarly the multi project and Project Server.
  • Easy and Efficient Project management.
  • Good for Project Team members as well as for project manager. 
  • Collaborative project management.
  • Project Server; Access from anywhere at any time.
  • Try the project viewer for free.
Now let’s talk about each tool one by one.

Project Viewer – Free

If you’d like to just try the software with limited features then project viewer is for you,Dynamically display project details, learn more about it.

Single Project

Have a single project and want to just start with an affordable software, then this is for you, all features you need, learn more about it here.

Multiple Projects

Have multiple projects? A collaborative portfolio management you should try to gain maximum benefits and have control on all. 

Cloud project management 

All your projects, team members in one place, access anytime and any where, learn more about rational plan project server. You can request for trail too for the rational plan’s project server product.

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