16 Website Optimization Tools to improve SEO

Web optimization is a very important factor for improving search engine optimization of a website or blog. Most of the webmasters ignore it and some of them even work a little. Web Optimization can help you to make your site popular among search engines and people too. You can surely increase your site speed and your readers will love this experience too.
On one hand it will be feasible for the users of your website while on the other hand it will improve site ranking and thus more organic traffic to blog and hence more earnings.
There’re tons of web applications and softwares that we will be discussing today especially web optimizers in order to analyse your website for higher ranking.
Building a website is the first phase for any online business, now to make it popular we needs to adopt latest SEO techniques to make our site search engines friendly.

What are Website Optimization Tools?

There are different types of website optimization tools for improving SEO. Some of them are server side optimization tools and some are for optimization of the platform that you are using like content management system.

Optimizing Website using online tools

There are also some tools that are necessary to optimize the web files, scripts, CSS files, JavaScript and jQuery files, and images etc.

Why you should improve your Website SEO?

SEO is like oxygen for your site. Your website will be dead if you are not doing proper SEO of your site. Since search engines like Google are continuously releasing updates for webmasters. So it is necessary to keep improving sites SEO according to these updates. You should use website optimization tools for improving SEO of your site.

Website Optimization Tools to improve SEO

Here are some of the Free Website Optimization Tools to improve SEO. Analyze your site using these tools and also optimize your site.

Google Webmaster Tools

Google webmaster tools sayings

It is an all in one best and free package tool for analyzing and optimizing your website performance and seo. It is so important that every blogger and webmaster should use it must. You can optimize your site errors using webmaster tools.

Google PageSpeed Tool

PageSpeed by Google

If you want to speed up your web and increase your loading time then you can analyse your site with Google page speed tool. It will analyze and give you suggestions for optimization. You should optimize in such a way that your site scores more than 90/100 here. If you’d like to try on other tools the here’s the list of website speed testing tools you should try for further optimization.

Microsoft SEO Toolkit

Free SEO Toolkit by microsoft

This tool specially helps you to optimize your site according to bing, yahoo, Google and MSN search engines. Webmasters can increase their sites speed and revenue too using this tool. It helps bloggers to perform optimizations according to search engines updates in algorithms.


SEOquack for ranking info

Bloggers can find out all about the ranking of websites. It is the best site to analyze rankings, Google Page Rank, Alexa Rank and Indexed Pages and much more.


Interent business promoter tool

Highly Recommended! This tool generates all the SEO reports of websites after analyzing and will help you to bring your site at the top of Google.

Pingdom Tools

Pingdom website test

Web files optimization also includes optimizing files like images, css, JavaScript’s and other files. PINGDOM is the best tool to check the site speed and it also notifies the suggestion for improving the files optimization.



It is a big collection of quality tools for optimization and analyzing of your website to improve search engine optimization. Backlinks and keyword position analyzing is one of the top tools of this site.

Website Auditor

Website Auditor figure

To find out the seo errors and to remove them , This tool is highly recommended.  Finding and fixing the errors inside your site such as broken links, missing Meta tags, missing headings etc can improve your site SEO.

Link Detox 

Link detox with a hand and above it figure

Bad and low quality links can destroy the SEO of your site. To analyze your site for bad links, Link Detox is very good. You can find out the “Bad” or “Spam” links to your site and then you can easily remove those links by using Disavow tool in Google webmaster.

Backlink Profiler

Backlink Profiler

This tool is used to check the ranking of any website. It is free and it also finds out the number of Backlinks of a site. More Free backlink checker online tools.


Copyscape contents checker

Duplicate content is one of the biggest Problem in SEO improvement, You can find copied and duplicate content using this tool.  Find out more Free Plagairism checker online tools.

SEO Spider

SEO spider named as Screaming Frog

SEO Spider is a software for analysing your website, such as finding the images attributes of all images in your website, heading tags and more advance optimization tools.


Similar sites

Similar sites .com is a tool for analyzing and finding the keywords and ranking of similar sites in your niche. it is helpful in case you want to find the keywords used by your competitors, you can also get to know what are your web competitors.

Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing webmaster tools

It is the best tool to analyze your site and optimize it according to Bing and Yahoo search engines. Bing gives you a lot of tools such as sitemap submission to improve ranking in Bing and Yahoo Search Engines, analysing site to see how it appears in user searches.


Alexa web information

It is For checking the traffic rank of a site. It also give you tools to increase site rankings and data to analyze your website for further improving.

Here I have listed some of the top SEO tools for optimization and analyzing sites performance. I hope that these tools will be very much helpful. So what did you like in this list? Also tell us about the tools that you use for SEO.

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