11 Best Website Speed Testing Tools

Testing website speed is really important not just for the users of your website but also for SEO improvements, using website speed test tools you can get to know about the structure of your website and info about which elements load fast and which one not. When you get to know then it becomes easy to optimize your website to load fast.
While I have been testing my website to know which elements getting more time, I came to know that Images taking more time and thus now I use Tools to optimize images before I upload them into my blog posts.
To reduce the images size to load fast I used Image resizing and cropping tools so that to decrease the size or even sometimes crop it for fast loading.
Previously We discussed about improving a website SEO where we talked about various types of factors that increases a website rankings, among other factors one was website speed test , Google likes websites that load fast.
Internet is full of web tools that you can use to check your website speed, some of them give you detail info, some tell you suggestions on how to improve. That’s why I’ll be sharing with you different types of tools that you can use to get better results.

Is it really important to test your Website Speed?

Checking a website speed comes under the category of On Page Website Optimization, which is easy to work on, the best thing about it is that it is under your control, isn’t?

Website Speed Test
People like sites that load fast, and don’t like such type of website that takes lots of time to load, I learnt it from my own experience, sometimes when a web page taking more time to load I close it, don’t you?
Thus such type of websites have abnormal bounce rate, which is not good for SEO.
It’s not about SEO only, It’s about your user experience too, People who liking your website contents, they surf on different types of pages in which they are interested, if the contents of your website load slow then they may not be your readers in future.
That’s why it is important to test your website speed and get info about various elements on your website, improve them and make load time fast.

Website Speed Testing Tools

Now let’s get started to test website speed and to get details on how to improve. Although there are many tools that you can use to check speed of your website but as some of them are’t giving you enough details instead they telling you the time your website takes to load that’s why you should use different types of website speed test sites.
We’re not just interested in time but the site elements which taking more time. Are’t we?
That’s why we should use various types of website speed testing tools to get better details.

Pingdom Website Test Tool

Pingdom offers you lots of tools and services, we recently talked about Web Monitoring Services where we discussed pingdom service. With Pingdom Website speed test you can analyse which parts of your site taking more time to load as well as other information you need to know about.

Google PageSpeed Insights

Google Offers PageSpeed Insights for developers where you can check your website load time as well analyse the elements of your site to get details about parts that takes more time and some that take less.


Web Wait checks your website speed in real time, means you can get to know visually which parts of your site taking less time and which one not. We recently talked about Data Visualization tools for presenting visual information.

Load Impact

Load impact offer its services to B2B and e-Commerces sites all over the world. To get private results about your website speed you’ll need to create an account otherwise your stats will be publicly available to anyone.

Website Performance test

NeuStar checks your website speed from different locations and give you analysed data on the average base of locations. Offers you two options to either instant test speed of your website or in details (Free Trail).

Web Page Test

WebPageTest allow you check your website speed in details from multiple locations as well as lots of options such as blocking specific contents.

Which Load Faster

WhichLoadFaster allow you compete different URLs (It could be multiple domains or pages) speed and get results on average base.

Website Test

WebsiteTest test your website speed and gives you in depth details about your site elements that either talking lots of time or less. The Best thing about Website Test is that it gives you information in tabular form such as the size of images and time it takes and more.

OctaGate Site Timer

As the name tell us, Site Timer Service from OctaGate allow you test your website speed and give you details about site data that taking time.

GtMatrix Site Speed tester

GtMatrix is another free online tool and service to instantly test speed of your website. Although itself the site take time to give you reports but its worth to wait. The best thing about Gtmatrix is that it allow you download report in PDF form.

Web Page Analyser

Web Page Analyser is a service and tool offered by WebsiteOptimization.com. You simply enter URL for diagnosis. It best because it give you data in order form as well as give you recommendations on how to make your speed faster.
These were some of the tools related to website speed test, all of them are free to use and are available online, I hope that they will be useful for you and that you will get benefit from them, As there were lots of website speed testing tools, pick up the one that you think is the best.
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  2. Amit kumar

    Hiii Kamram,
    thanks for sharing a nice collection of Website Speed Testing Tools. i was only knowing about three from them. thanks again bro.

    Amit Kumar

  3. Kamran Khan

    Thanks Amit for taking your precious time and commenting on my blog post. I reviews lots of website speed test tools and chosen 11 as best.
    Kamran Khan!

  4. Erik Emanuelli

    Hi Kamran,
    I am using "Pingdom" for site monitoring.
    I love also "GtMatrix Site Speed tester" for the site analysis.

    Thanks for sharing these useful resources.

  5. Kamran Khan

    Hi Emrik,
    Thank you for sharing your views, Yeah, Pingdom is best and popular, I mostly use Pingdom website speed test tool for instant testing, also GtMatrix once in a month.

  6. Kamran Khan

    Hi Shiv,
    Thank you for commenting and sharing your views with us. GTMatrix has much more features but one thing about Pingdom is that it give you suggestions on how to improve Speed of your website.

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