9 Website Traffic Estimators That Are Almost Accurate

While surfing the internet, you may have stumbled upon a pretty incredible site. Most people will want to assess it by knowing the number of people who visit the site on a daily/weekly/monthly basis, but how can you know that?

Website Traffic Estimators That Are Almost Accurate

Today, we will look at a number of tools and resources that can track traffic on various websites and tell you what you need to know. It should be mentioned that many of these website traffic estimators suggested that they can provide much better and more accurate results if you claim the site as your own by entering your ownership credentials. Since we didn’t test this feature, we don’t know how accurate this statement really is. Furthermore, we only used the free version of the tools listed below as we did not have any paid access.
Also, keep in mind that these tools and resources are not for tracking traffic to your own website. They only estimate the amount of traffic generated on other sites based on various publicly available factors.

Website Traffic Estimators That Are Almost Accurate

1. Google Keyword Planner (Previously Known As Google Ad Planner)

Google Ad Planner -  Traffic Estimators

The Google Ad Planner has been replaced by Google Keyword Planner, which is essentially the combination of three AdWords tools: Google Ad Planner, Placement Tool and Contextual Targeting Tool. Google Display Planner should be your number one stop to know about the statistics of any website. Since it is aimed at advertisers who want to look at a site’s statistics in order to determine whether it is worthwhile to invest in it, Google Display Planner is a great option to get reliable and almost accurate data.
Let’s face it, there isn’t anything that Google doesn’t know. It has data on every website, and can tell what type of people and how regularly they visit a certain site. You can even filter the results according to location.
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2. Alexa

Alexa -  Traffic Estimators

Alexa, owned by Amazon, is another famous website traffic estimator. Although it requires you to go through a lot of clicking just to get your results, it has proven to be extremely useful. You even have a lot of statistics to browse through, so you can find a lot of relevant information.
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3. Compete

Compete -  Traffic Estimators

Compete is another good option to track the number of visitors a site receives. However, there are quite a few limitations that you will have to face if you don’t have a paid account. Nonetheless, you can save the graph as an image. Overall, it is a great tool to visually show a website’s growth (or decline, depending on what site you are viewing).

4. TrafficEstimator

TrafficEstimator - Traffic Estimators

TrafficEstimator is a free tool that gives you a rough estimate of how much traffic a single site is receiving per month. Although these estimates can sometime be wrong as well but it should be able to give you a glimpse of traffic a site is receiving.

5. Quantcast

Quantcast -  Traffic Estimators

Quantcast offers you a couple of options to play with. For instance, you can change the graph to show results on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, and you can even opt to see results for a certain time period such as from one week to all time. Furthermore, Quantcast categorizes the traffic according to US demographics such as sex, age, education level, children and income.
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6. URL Trends

URL Trends-  Traffic Estimators

URL Trends has a nice user interface and well-placed ads, so be careful where you click. With that said, URL Trends provide impressive traffic tracking results. You can find a lot of details about the traffic coming onto a site as well as other useful factors about the site.

7. BuySellAds

BuySellAds -  Traffic Estimators

BuySellAds is basically an ad network for selling banner advertisements on various websites and blogs. If a certain website has BuySellAds script installed, you can view traffic estimates that are very close to the actual traffic numbers.
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8. SimilarWeb

SimilarWebs - Traffic Estimators

SimilarWeb can not only show you the traffic stats for any website, but it can also tell you how much time each visitor spends on the site, how many page views the site is getting, social influence, bounce rate, referrals and things like that.
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9. SEMrush

SEMRush - Traffic Estimators

SEMrush provides data about sites of all sizes, key phrases and their rankings. It is the most accurate tool in this entire list. However, you will have to pay to get the full data list and it only shows data for Google traffic.

These traffic estimators are almost accurate but you may not find them exact always so it’s better to install some scripts codes of sties like Google Analytics or even Quantcast to get a better traffic estimate.

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