5 Tools To Proofread Your Academic Writing

Here are five tools to help you proofread your academic text. The tools may be used for other forms of text, but they better suit academic text because they have a formal edge. For example, if you were checking creative text then you may get a lot of false suggestions as it tries to convert your text into something more formal and academic.

1 – Proofread By GrammarBase

GrammarBase, this is a website-based tool. This means it will work on your web browser and the programming and functionality side is dealt with by the server of the company. It is a proofreading program that helps you figure out if your written work has any mistakes (or not, whichever the case may be).

Proofreading online

The tool is free to use, which confuses some people because there is a button on it that says “Payments.” But, that is only used if you want to use their proofreading team (of people). The tool on the web page is very easy to use, as all you do is paste in your content.

The program will list your problems on the left hand side of the screen. It will tell you problems such as:

  • Hyphen Required
  • Passive voice
  • Repeated Word
  • Spelling
  • Complex Expression
  • Redundant Expression

You can use it on any popular browser, as it works and appears for most of better-known browsers. It checks spelling and grammar with regards to your text. You can make your work perfect. On the other hand, if you cannot find your errors, then it offers professional help if you struggle. It is a very highly rated manual proofreader.

All you have to do is upload your file or copy into the browser window. Do this and it tells you how many spelling mistakes you have made, how many critical mistakes and it tells you how many smaller mistakes you have made.

The tool gives you suggestions for changes, which means it offers the idea that things could be changed, though they are not critical changes that you absolutely have to attend to. As it seems, they are merely suggestions. This is a handy tool to have if you are able to correct you own errors once you know they exist. It may also be handy if you are looking for a company to correct your work for you.

2 – White Smoke

Whitesmoke, this is a spelling and grammar checker that can check and even translate over 45 languages. There is also a plagiarism checker that comes with it. On the homepage you will see a box near the top right. Enter your text into it and click “check text.” It will come back with a report page. This page tells you how many spelling mistakes you made, how many grammar mistakes and style mistakes. You are then given the option of a free trail with the service. You have to enter your email address in order to try their free trial. You are also asked to sign up to their newsletter too. You can check your work with this tool to find out how many mistakes you have made and find out if you need to go back and correct your work.

3 – Spellcheck plus

SpellCheckPlus, This is a very easy tool to use. You copy your text into the tool provided on the screen, and click the “Check text” button. It checks your work and then highlights the potential problems with your work. It does it for free. You can give a donation if you like, which is fair since most others charge for this sort of service. It shows you grammar problems in yellow and spelling problems in red. It is rather good at spotting where you have missed commas, which means if commas are one of your blind spots then this tool is for you.

4 – Reverso

Reverso, This has a very ugly website, but it does have a free tool, so one shouldn’t complain too much. It is good and bad because it automatically corrects your words. It shows you in green if it has made a correction. It is convenient, but presumptuous and can become annoying. Still, it is probably the fastest tool listed on this article.

5 – Paper Rater

PaperRater, click on “Use now Free” and you are taken to the tool. It is free to use and is actually rather good. It does ask for a lot of details, but if you do not mind fiddling around then you may like this tool. Its suggestions for changes are very good and the tool is easy to use. It is web based so you do not need to download anything, and it is completely free. You can choose the level of academic text, which is handy if you do not need it to sound very formal, or if you are checking lab notes that tend to be written in a very structured manner that is contrary to most academic text formalities.

6-Academic Help

The new kind of proofreading services  you can try on Analyze.AcademicHelp, where the experts will assist you with the editing of your paper.

Kiara Halligan is a professional proofreader and editor at Aussiessay.com. When she faced the problem of creating a team of experienced writers she gained a lot of knowledge on this topic. Today Amy is happy to share a few ideas with you.

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