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5 Must-Have Android Apps For All The Bloggers & Publishers Out There!

Blogging and publishing has become quite common throughout the world. It is all about expressing and sharing your thoughts or even some specific information with the world. Thanks to the availability of tablets and smartphones, bloggers can now stay connected with

A Tool to Help Pick an Essay Topic

Sentences in your Essays are an important part of every literate person’s life and a tool like this sentence checker can really help in the start. They are written by young kids in kindergarten in the form of short creative compositions

10 Powerful tools which will change the way you approach content creation

Content writers are in constant demand of tools, apps, and websites that would make their work easier. The needs of contemporary readers are not simple; writers have to find a way to preserve the attention with a great load of useful

Four free Microsoft Word alternatives you can use today

Many of us generally believe that the use of Microsoft Word has become such a routine that we are simply locked on to it. The software and brand have got such a perception, that it makes people think there is no

5 Less Known Resume Tips For Effective Profiling Techniques

Writing a resume is not an easy task, it requires a focus and thorough planning, keeping in mind the jobs you wish to apply for. However, writing a great resume does not mean, you have to be an expert writer who

10 Web Tools for College Students and Teachers to Use

It’s the age of the Internet, which means most of the things you are supposed to pay for are now free, such as software, songs and movies. It also means that there are lots of web tools a college student or

Top 6 Duplicate Content Checkers That Are Fast and Brilliant

Plagiarizing is a serious offense in the real world. It has led to people losing the respect of their peers, their degrees, their jobs and some may even have to deal with legal percussions. So if plagiarism is such a huge

6 Free Flash Cards Maker Websites That Aren’t Ordinary

Studying for a test rarely goes without stress and struggles. Students have to memorize tons of information they may (but probably won’t) need in future. There are many modern tools that help them study more effectively, but the classic method of

7 Free Online Proofreading Tools That Are the Best

Whether you are writing a blog article, social media post or a book, it is extremely important to edit and proofread your writing to make sure that there aren’t any mistakes before publishing. Mistakes in your writing will make you look

5 Free Online Punctuation Checker Tools That Are Best

Online world is filled with text of all sort, they’re tutorials, guides, experiments of any sort and what not. So if it’s text what fills the internet then it should be perfect and without any typos, grammar mistakes or punctuation error.