10 Powerful Tools For Building Flawless Online Quizzes, Polls & Surveys

Internet has outgrown as an excellent source of learning. You can access ample number of websites for gathering information about various aspects of education. Both, teachers and students have been thoroughly benefited from the emergence of online surveys and polls. While on one hand, the teachers have used these web resources for gauging their students’ performance, on the other hand, the students have been able to hone their learning skills via these web poll/quizzes. Considering the rapid growth in the demand for online quizzes and polls, there has been a major increase in the count of web development companies that are involved in building online survey/poll applications. This blog of mine is dedicated to all these teachers and students who’re on a look out for amazing web tools for creating online survey/poll/quiz applications that render the desired results. Here, I’ll be covering details about 10 best tools for creating effective online surveys/polls.

Tool No.1- Google Forms + Flubaroo

You can use Google forms to create a variety of questions that need to be included in the survey website. Moreover, a tool named Flubaroo can also be used with these Google Forms to grade the quizzes underlined in the Google spreadsheets.


The already existing public templates can be effectively used and modified in the desired manner. Flubaroo is tailor-made for teachers who don’t have sufficient amount of time for providing grades to their students.
Also checkout these online diagram tools to create charts easily and quickly with a few mouse clicks.
This software tool can aid in preparing an in-depth student performance report and mailing scores to the respective students.

Tool No.2- Exam Time Quizzes

Exam Time is a free online tool specially designed for preparing quizzes that can aid the students during their examination days.

Exam time quiz

As a teacher, you can use this tool for preparing online quizzes that can further be chosen by your students for improving their chances of scoring high in their exams.
We recently talked about grammar checker free online tools to make papers free from errors..

Tool No.3- Testmoz

Testmoz is an excellent web tool for generating automatically graded online tests. This is a free web tool that works as a best fit for business professionals and K-12.

Test moz

You need not register on Testmoz for being able to create new tests. Try out fun 4 the brain math games to enhance math capabilities.

Tool No.4- ThatQuiz

ThatQuiz is yet another non-commercial free web tool custom-made for students and teachers who want to create quizzes for varying subjects including Maths, Science, Arts, Social Science etc.

That quiz
Here’s another freebie for you, word processor online free tools that help you create docs, PPT and excel sheets.

Tool No.5- Socrative

Socrative is an intelligent student response system that enables teachers to engage their classrooms through a series of educational games served via tablets and smartphones.


This tool comes with super simple apps that can allow teachers to have complete control over the questions and save their grading time.  Try ABC Ya for learning applications.

Tool No.6- Quibblo

Quibblo is an excellent online tool that can be used for creating free online quizzes.
Moreover, you can even choose to share these quizzes with your friends.

Here is the list of online learning tools for teachers and students to maximize learnings.

Tool No.7- QuizStar 

QuizStar is a popular web tool used for creating online quizzes. Moreover, this tool also allows you to disseminate the quizzes to students, grade the quizzes and generate reports of the quiz scores.

Also check these grammar check free online tools for writing error free documents.

Tool No.8- Survey Anyplace

Survey Anyplace is an online tool that enables you to create interesting mobile quizzes to engage with the audiences while on a move. The best part of this tool is that you can start using it for free.

Survey Anyplace
To visualize information in graphical form then use these tools so that the data is presented in such a way that is understandable to everyone.

Tool No.9- Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere is a great tool for conducting online polling of your student’s opinion and understanding of a certain concept.

Poll Everywhere

You can embed the polling results into a PowerPoint presentation and update it in real time. The students’ responses can be received via Twitter, text messages etc.  Want to learn a new language try these courses and lessons to get started.

Tool No.10- Quizinator

Quizinator is a handy tool for teachers who want to create, store and print study-sheets, worksheets, quizzes and exams online. You can use it for creating multiple versions of a single online quiz.


The utmost flexibility of Quizinator makes it the number one choice of teachers across the globe. Try out these interesting and amazing social media tools for teachers and students to learn in interactive environment.

Summing Up

So guys, that’s it for this blog. Hope you’d have enjoyed going through the collection of 10 powerful tools for creating impressive online surveys/polls. Do try these tools and you’ll definitely be able to come up with an online survey/quiz that’ll surpass your expectations.

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Author bio – Mike Swan is a blogger by mood and web designer by profession. He gives ideas for converting PSD to wordpress theme and loves to share his thoughts on social media.

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