6 Free Flash Cards Maker Websites That Aren’t Ordinary

Studying for a test rarely goes without stress and struggles. Students have to memorize tons of information they may (but probably won’t) need in future. There are many modern tools that help them study more effectively, but the classic method of using flash cards will always remain effective. The only problem is that the process of creating flash cards takes a lot of time on its own, but that’s nothing that cannot be handled thanks to the wonders of technology.

The following tools enable students to create flash cards much more easily than ever before.


Quizlet, This is one of the most popular online destinations students rely on when it comes to preparing for tests. The website provides effective sets of flash cards that are publicly shared. In addition, the users can also play games with the cards and create their own studying materials that help them remember information easily.
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StudyDroid is a rather simplistic tool that doesn’t feature an appealing design, but is effective enough to provide the help that students need. You can use your browser to create cards on the web, but you can also access the tool through your smartphone and create cards while adding pictures directly from your device. Don’t be fooled by the plain look of the website; StudyDroid enables you to use rich text, great images, and more features that result with great-looking cards.
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Flashcard Flash

FlashcardFlash, Haven’t you always wished for a search engine that enables you to access sets of flash cards that other students have created and used? Flashcard Flash is just what you’re looking for! With the use of Google Custom Search, this tool enables you to go through various flash card services and find the materials you need.
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ProProfs, If you’re looking for a really simple, but great-looking tool for creating flash cards, then ProProfs is the right match. This free software enables you to make, print, and download amazing cards that will really make the studying process more fun. Don’t worry; you can still use the tool to find flash cards created by other students and save yourself a lot of time by accessing previously-made materials.
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Ninjaessays, There is one common problem students have with most flash card software options: creating their own studying material still takes a significant portion of their time, and the downloadable cards are not always what they need. NinjaEssays is a service that provides the proper balance: it enables you to get custom-made cards that capture the essence of your studying material without wasting a single minute of your precious time. At this website, you can hire experts from various fields of study to create the cards you need and help you prepare for the test.
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Ediscio, Besides enabling you to create and share flash cards, as well as to browse through valuable pre-made material, Ediscio also provides you with an opportunity to collaborate with other students in the process of creation. In addition, you will get your personal Newsfeed that saves all events in your cardboxes and informs you about the activity of your friends. If you have enough time before the test, then you should definitely invest some of it into collaborating with other students and using all other awesome features of this tool.
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Flashcards are still the most effective studying method for students from all around the world. They enable you to process and remember the important information easily, and they are a great testing tool that helps you identify the gaps in memory. The 6 flashcard-making websites listed above provide all students with a decent choice of different concepts. Choose the most suitable one for your needs and make sure to bookmark it, since you’ll need it for all upcoming exams.    

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