Top 10 Free or Very Cheap Online Phone Calls Websites

A free phone call can be made using the internet services which are available. If you look at these services you might notice their limitation which is a very draw-back and a hard word,means when you’re going to find out a free phone calling website but unfortunately, it don’t let you make a free call to the destination where you want to make a call and it need credit before you make a call, so in that case if you failed to find a service to make a phone call for free to the destination in which you interested. Then you’ve only one option that is you must to pay before you do it, so if that is the case then you need to choose a service which asks you less money compare to others. That’s why we decided to write a post and try to bring out free or very cheap phone calling websites. We tried our best to find and include the cheapest services from those which enables us to make a phone call from your computer using your internet connection.
If you look at phone calling service providers, you’ll find one thing most commonly in case if their calls are free-to-make that they only allow you to make call for free to US or Canada, or some other may also allow you to other Europe countries. if you search deeply I’m sure you may find a service which allow you to make a free call to the country which you interested in, Still if you failed then you’re in the right place because here is the list of 10 websites which offers you to make free online phone calls, so for that you need to read this post and check it one by one to get a affordable one of your work.

online free phone calls
We recently talked about free online video converters which save your time because you don’t need to download or sign up as well as other stuffs such as free online file sharing websites and some special websites for free online games that are quite interesting for most of our users. 
Most of the below sites we listed are to be consider as a free but for few countries (and for few minutes), for other countries it should be a paid service. So your first goal is to find a service which can make a call for you to your desired country for free if not then you should look to their rates for the particular country then compare all of these and finally you should look for a service which is cheaper than all.  

Free or very cheap online phone calling websites

Now let get started with websites which offers free phone calls from your web-browser. Although there are a lot of ways to make international calls, i.e desktop applications and Mobile apps developed in order to make long-distance calls but they’re not free at all, you need to pay for it before you download and use it. Also there are tons of web-based phone calls websites but here in this post we’re are including those which are free at all or very cheap.So let have a look to the websites we picked for today internet freebies collection.

Free Online Phone Calls

make Free online phone calls can be made if you search deeply for it as I mentioned above, most of the websites don’t allow you to make a completely free call, if it allow then there will be a back-word that is limitations. Limitations are of two types. One is the destination (Call to only few countries) and other is call duration (Call upto few minutes). So you need to find a website which prevents you from both of these limitations. Keeping these in mind we tried deeply to bring you some websites which allow you to make free phone calls easily to the destinations where you want.


iCall instructions

iCall, If you’re looking for a web-based free application to make free phone calls then icall is a good choice.  iCall can also be use on your computer or on your mobile device after you download this software for mobile or computer, but here we’ll be using it as a web browser based calling tool. You can call free using this online tool but one back-ward thing is that its limitations of calling only to US and Canada for three-minutes. You can make a call again once it discontinued after three minutes.


globefone how to figure

Globfone is a VoIP (Voice over internet protocol) service which gives you an opportunity to make completely free calls to different destinations from your browser, It uses a simple flash-based interface to make a call, Globfone don’t ask (like the others) to register yourself to make free calls, but you can make a free call or text message by entering the number of recipient to which you want a call. To make a call you’ve to type the number in international format without ‘+’ sign and ‘0’ and then click on the green” telephone like” button. Once you clicked that button, it will ask you to enter the captcha code, as you enter the code you seen above, your call to the number will start connecting. Call duration depends upon the countries also, in some countries it allows long-time while call to many other may be discontinuous after a short time


VoipBuster make a browser call

VoIPbuster is also a good free online phone calling site, and is more similar to icall in its restrictions, i.e you can’t call to any country for free (upto 30) and if free then there are limitation of free call duration (60 minutes a day), But a good thing I noticed that, as compared to others in rates, this is a cheap one, there rates for each single country is different than each other.


Polktalk dial pad to enter number

PokeTalk, If you failed to find a VoIP service to make free calls to the country where you want to make then Poketalk is looks better than others to make calls in cheap rates. Making calls to a land line or mobile number is equal in rates. You can check and calculate their rates for the country in which you’re interested by clicking on view rates button and then if your destination is not listed. You can choose your desired country from the dropdown arrow “Other countries”. There are its different rates for each country, so I can’t tell exactly a price which you need to pay for a call.

Call 2 Friends

call 2 friends calling method

Call2Friends, Another VoIP service just similar to the Globfone, this also uses a flash based interface for making free calls. It offers free calling opportunities to many countries, but within limitation i.e duration of call, once you entered the number in international format, it detects the number and gives you a message that how long you can call to that number (depend upon the country), For example you can make a free call upto 60 seconds to a france number but 40 seconds to a Pakistani number.


zajfon dail pad to call free figure

Zaifon, Another free VoIP service which allows you to call to many more destinations for free using a flash-based interface, It also enables you to send free text sms to your friends and colleagues.  After you enter a desired number it asks you to enter the captcha code before you start getting the call. So enter it and wait till it makes a call for you.

You can also get to know about Jajah and worldfone which offer you very cheap calls online and can compare to them to other websites mentioned in this post.
So this was our today’s collection for making free or very cheap phone calling websites, I  hope it will be useful and helpful for you. as there were lots of websites, compare the rates and features will exactly give you the best one.
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