Generate a Word Cloud with Wordle Plus More Similar Tools

Generating word clouds actually implies to generate an idea, with having a bunch of text, an article, a paper, could be anything but to take an idea from lots of text, any idea what to do?
For word editing, there is free word processors for mac os.
Word clouds help you in this case, you simply give a large input and word cloud generator tools creates a graphic through which any one can get an idea what it’s about.
A few days back I had shared with you a list of 10 word cloud generator tools that you can use to make graphics from a set of text or from a webpage.
For blogs we refer it by Posts and for websites we refer it web pages, the third way you can try is to paste a bunch of text.
In today post we’ll be discussing all of the three ways, I’ll be giving an example of Wordle, the most popular one that you can easily use.

word clouds example

You might be surprised if you’re a power visitor of online free tools blog, today I did’t start writing with a list of tools instead talking about one, so after today and so on I’ll be sharing with you a tutorial about a best tool that I like the most, I hope you’ll be enjoying reading and will be with me all the way.
This technique is best suited for learning purpose, if you’re going to present something in a class or anywhere teaching, so instead of starting from start to end why not first give them a big picture what your topic is about?
Let’s take an example of this post, if you copy the URL and paste it in Wordle create dashboard , you’ll know in a minute what this post is about.

Wordle Word Cloud

Wordle is the most popular word cloud maker or creator, the best thing is that it require less information to process while compare to other tools it also have a nice feature and that is it support input from Web Page URLs too.
Let’s get started, I’ll first walk you through first method and then the second one.
Both are easy to use and require only a minute.
Make sure that you’ve installed JAVA on your Web browser, it’s a tiny applications that is necessary to generate wordle cloud with Wordle, if you did’t have it then you won’t be able get output, if you’re using Google chrome then download it here and whenever it pops then click on run.
If you already have it then continue with me.
The very first thing you need to do is to access the web based application and you can do that here.
I’ll suggest you to bookmark it, might be you’ll need it later.
Now paste a bunch of text, and click on go, at the top of your browser you’ll see a pop up, click on run this time and in a few seconds wordle clouds will be generated.

this is an image of wordle word cloud
This is a beautiful word cloud generated with wordle application, here’s what you need to do more, If you did’t like the graphic then click on randomize and so on until you get a good one, you can also change the font, can remove the words you don’t like without deleting from the source text, similarly you can change the layout and can customize colours.
Did you know? The above example of word cloud is made through my this post, I just pasted some text from this post and as you can see anyone can easily get to know what this post is about.
In the same way you can use the URL option in the starting of Wordle, simply enter a link, in my case I just randomly selected my one post and guess what it’s about.
Wordle URL Option world cloud generation
As I said earlier in this post, you can do more with it and that’s to modify the colors and to randomize.
As I promised that I’ll be giving you more similar tools, try them too, More word cloud generators , to me wordle is best one. what’s your favourite word cloud generator?
Feel free to try all of them and use the one that looks best to you, I hope that all of them will be useful for you and that you’ll get benefits from them.
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