Free Tools to Help in Graphic Design (with links to tools)

Graphic designers are having a hard time these days, as are web designers because the massive popularity of the Internet has made their profession more competitive with less people to sell to. That is why up and coming graphic designers need all the help they can get, Websites like this one and if that help is via the way of free tools then all the better. All on the list are highly rated, which is why the list is in no particular order. They are just handy tools for a graphic designer (especially a self employed one) is going to find useful.


Blender for Graphic designers

Blender, Yes, it is an animation software, but a shout-out has to go to the people behind Blender. just like abcya animations for kids it’s easy to use, It is diabolical in its complexity and will take you months to learn, most of which you will have to do from inferior sources such as ten year olds on YouTube. But, it is so versatile that you can build graphic design concepts in three dimensions and take snapshots of them for your work.

Why build a 2D character when you can build a very good 3D character and drop it in different settings and take as many shots as you want for your portfolio. You should seriously consider integrating a little bit of your artwork into Blender. It is viciously complex, but with that complexity comes the ability to fine tune your designs to a very high degree.


SVG edit Google code

SVG-Edit, SVG means Scalable Vector Graphics. It is a format where shapes are detailed in XML which is rendered with an SVG viewer and modern browsers will show SVG, and it is built upon JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3 without any need for server side processing.
I’ll suggest you also check out these best html and css editors online, then whenever you want to code online use such type of web based applications.
You can edit code with it, create documents and edit them too. It may seem like it has very basic capabilities, but they are handy none the less and it is a tool you should consider using. The website it is based upon is pretty ugly though.


Retrospectiva helping graphic designer figure

Retropectiva, This is a collaboration tool because if you have a big project then you are probably going to need help. It is an open source program so there is no need to pay and it is built to help development teams work together.
Here’s a complete list of collaboration tools online free,It has a review section and ticket system and you can set milestones to be sure everybody is up to date and the project is coming along at the right speed.

Infogr, Yes, it is an Infographic creator a quite a crude tool when you consider the years of training a graphic designer receives, but it is handy for cranking out a few simple visualizations. Create infographics online using these tools and make stunning graphics. You can use a bit of artistic flair and make something that the low-brows are going to love if you wish. It is good for quick projects where you are asked for results over quality, in which case this tool can give you a leg up.

DrawPlus Starter Edition from Serif

Draw plus software from serif

DrawPlus, Have a look at some of the work that has been done with this tool before you cast it asunder. It is a two dimensional vector graphics editor for vector drawing, and it has realistic brush strokes so you can paint in various digital forms such as if you were painting with oils and such. It has lots of features including a few for 3D extrusion so it is definitely worth a look if you are a graphic designer.

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