Want to Teach? Try These Eight Top Online Tutoring Sites

What’s better than learning?  Sharing what you learn.  Learning is incomplete if you don’t share it with others.  But you don’t have to become a professional teacher to share the learning.  One of the best ways is to tutor students as your schedule and circumstances permit.  It is a great way to make extra money while going to college or even as a part time gig.  The world of web 2.0 has opened so many possibilities for sharing information.  It has also made it very convenient to do tutoring regardless of your geographical location.

Now, you don’t have to post flyers in the neighborhood or join an academy.  The world of online tutoring is at your fingertips.

Top Online Tutoring Sites


Preply is a global platform that helps connect students & tutors from across the world.
We’re one of the fastest growing companies in this space and were part of the Techstars Berlin in 2015.


WizIQ, It is one of the most technologically advanced tutoring platforms and is very popular among teachers from around the globe.  There are different pricing options to suit varying needs.

Happy Tutors

HappyHours, This is a free platform for teachers as well as students; however, there is an option for teachers to pay a fee for promotion on the site.


Tutor, This is one of the most popular tutoring sites, which offers subject specific tutoring and help with homework.  They also offer a very decent training and certification program for their teachers and contribute to their professional development.

Tutor Vista

TutorVisa, This is another popular online tutoring destination with advanced option for online lesson delivery such as whiteboard etc.

Tutor Hub

TotorHub, This is a community site rather than a tutoring platform.  You can contact individual tutors and set terms with mutual understanding.


Learningfy, If you are looking for one-on-one tutoring option, this is a good place to start for only $5 trial fee.


InstaEDU, Whether you want help with regular subjects like math and physics, or something more specialized such as programming, you can find a tutor here.  There are over 3000 tutors available here, who can be hired in different time breakdowns.  This site has all of the latest online teaching tools such as whiteboard, dedicated student area, option to upload material etc.


E-Tutor, This service particularly reaches out to the students who are on the road a lot or are home schooled.  The curriculum of e-tutor is according to the national standards and approved by the state and local authorities.

What Do You Need to Become an Online Tutor?

Most online tutoring companies require at least a bachelor degree in any discipline.  For more specialized subjects or advanced teaching, higher degrees may be required.  Teaching diploma or certificate is not necessarily required but can give you an edge over others.  You may be asked for some prior teaching experience.  There are also specialized teaching options such as test prep for standardized tests and language teaching, where you only need to have proficiency in the required subject area or language.

  • You at least need the basic equipment including a computer, a webcam and high-speed internet access.
  • Some general skills and qualities needed for online teaching include:
  • Comfortable with using new computing and communication technologies;
  • Subject expertise;
  • A genuine interest in teaching and helping students;
  • Excellent communication skills;
  • Very good time management and organizational skills;
  • A lot of patience because unlike teaching in-person, when you are teaching someone who is a bit slow in picking up pace, you can easily get frustrated;

How Much You Can Earn?

It depends on a number of factors such as hours worked and the type of courses taught.  It can range anywhere from $10 to $30 per hour.  On average, if you work 20-25 hours a week, you can expect to earn around $1,000.
So, are you ready to dive into the exciting world of online teaching?

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