10 Best Tools to Measure and Track Your influence Online

It is not uncommon for people who want to track their influence online. Lots of people do it, from marketing executives to people who have their own blog and want to see if people are paying attention. As a result, there are a lot of tools, techniques and methods for tracking your influence online. But, first, a quick lesson in online influence.

A brief online influence lesson

Firstly, you cannot accurately judge influence on any level. A million people may see your post and it has less influence than if five people saw it. If you do not believe that statement, then ask your friends to look at the ceiling and ask them all what colour shoes you have on.

influence tracking online

Secondly, if there were a tool to accurately measure online influence, it would cost more than you can afford. Your best bet is to use a lot of different tools and then use their results to get a fuller idea of your influence. For example, your actual online influence may be terrible, but your influence on social media or even on one site such as Twitter may be epic.

Tools to Measure and Track Your influence Online

So here’s the list of best tools you can use to track your influence online as well as to measure with the provided metrics. We recently talked about Web analytics tools that are available online for analyzing website traffic; we also discussed previously about data visualization tools for better understanding the information. The tools we will be discussing today will give you reports in charts, graphs and diagrams forms. Do you have a website and want to monitor it. Here’s the list of tools and services to monitor website down time. As there are many tools that you can use, I’ve complied a list of Best and Most Popular tools that you can use.


Hootsuite social media

This is a tool that allows you to monitor and post to social media networks. It is good because it is not going to cost you the money that you will pay other bigger monitoring tools.
Here are more Free Social Media Management Tools that you can also use to.
You can check metrics on this tool to see if people are paying attention to you or if certain keywords from your influence are starting to appear more around your profile or in reference to your profile.



This is a tool you may have heard of. It is one favored by smaller businesses. It is used by them to demonstrate their trustworthiness. It is important if they are using or handling public and proprietary information


Twitalyzer social

Like Hootsuite, this is something that is popularly associated with Twitter. The Hootsuite program handles more than just Twitter, whereas this one does not. This one is a popular Twitter analyzer. There are tools you may use if you are a private citizen, and ones you may use for a fee if you are a business. It is really focused on influence. There are people known as influencers on Twitter who are able to sway public opinion with a small nest of people. This tool helps to root them out and helps you to figure out how much influence that you have. You can see things such as generosity, engagement, and the like. There are thirty of these factors that it measures on Twitter.



They have a Social CRM system which means you can integrate mobile engagement, social media networks and email so that you can see a broader feel of your impact. It helps you to convert people into customers with what is called an intelligent contact database.



If you have ever read statistics from articles, then you have probably come across the name of this tool. It offers a service where you may view audience reports. Using these audience reports, you may see what sort of an influence you are having online. It records on many millions of legitimate and popular web properties.


Crowd booster

This is a tool that will measure and monitor your social media marketing. By using the tool you are able to see how you are making an influence on social media and are able to use its analytics to improve your influence a little more. It focuses mainly on Facebook and Twitter.


Alexa web information

It is commonly associated with web masters, but blog owners are web masters too, plus if you are measuring the influence of your website then Alexa is great for you. It is very popular, and even though it is not fool proof and a lot of people still bad mouth it, you will still find that it offers some indication of your influence. After all, there are few people that would argue its legitimacy if it showed that you had no score at all. So, take its results with a pinch of salt and use them as additional evidence for your current “influence” amount conclusions. If you want to make it more accurate, then do not try to manipulate it in the same way that others do who want a higher Alexa rank.

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