10 Online learning Tools for Students and Teachers

Online tools are paving the way for students to work on their education and learn with ease. The majority of colleges and universities are completely stocked with laptops, iPads, and personal computers for student use, and a lot of people are turning to the World Wide Web for further educational resources. As students these days change the way they learn, from papers to making use of computers, it makes sense that a variety of websites have been offered in order to help teachers and students accomplish their primary educational objectives.
This article provides 10 other online tools for students and teachers to take advantage of to make teaching education easier and hassle-free.

Online Learning Resources

Let’s get started to the list of all online tools and resources that we gathered especially for students and teachers to make assignment work easier than ever before.
I’ll be giving a short description to each learning tool and then will take you to the page where you will be able to learn more about it.


Formatically, It is the brand new and go-to tool for formatting an essay in MLA.  Formatically.com is completely free, easy to use, and way faster than any other MLA template.


If you have ever need to format an essay in MLA before then this website could save you a lot of time.


Easydefine is an all around useful tool that will greatly reduce the amount of time it takes to finish any vocab list.


Being able to group the process of defining individual words the user is able to either copy and paste the vocab list into the tool or type as many words as the want before pressing the define button, and being given every definition they need! Also checkout free online resume builder online tools to create professional CVs.


Basically Easybib.com is the resource for formatting citations in MLA, APA and Chicago.


Although the MLA formatting tool is the only free resource on the site and it won’t do the entire paper, it is still the most used tool on the web. Also check out Google learning tools to maximize knowledge. I’m assuming most people have heard about Easybib, but it they haven’t they ought to check it out now!


Padlet – formerly called as Wallwisher. This tool is basically an online board that has sticky notes, which can be shared, moved and embedded easily. If you’d like to work with word processor programs then use online instead of using desktop based applications.


There are a variety of views, such as something that appears to be a scrollable blog and it is simple to either organize notes or personalize your experience.


Ipiccy – kind of like a Photoshop for free, but  less complex. Here’s the complete list of Photoshop like free online photo editor to use on browser without downloading and installing any software.This free online tool has an intuitive editing dashboard that enables students and teaches tools such as resizing, cropping, effects and filters.


It is also simple to undo everything that did not pan out as expected. However, if your project needs a more stylish treatment, this online tool has layers that, similar with Photoshop, enables you to generate extremely professional ultimate products.


Thinglink – enables you to add images to content.


For instance, students can present a map of one of the US states and include a video which give details on how a certain bill becomes a bylaw. These tools will help you create various types of charts and diagrams as well as graphs.


Easel.ly – an online tool that provides an extremely simple way to produce information’s visual depiction or an infographic. we also published a list of data visualization tools that are available online to for free.


This free online tool for students and teachers provides set themes that you can drag onto blank images in order for students to begin. An excellent example is the United States of America’s map with bubbles emphasizing statistics on certain areas.

The Noun Project

The Noun Project – a tool that allows students to make clip art images for an identified noun, which makes it an ideal online tool for students and teachers to seek required images for a specific infographic. If you want to be more creative then use word cloud generator to create stunning graphics.

The noun project

The Noun Project makes it easy to find exactly the image you need.


Infogr.am – visually shows information.


This online tool includes templates that enable students to give facts and create enticing charts in order to signify the information. If you want to try other tools then here are more to create infographics easily and quickly.

Poll Everywhere 

Poll Everywhere – a well-known online tool for most teachers.

poll everywhere

Teachers can make both open-ended questions and multiple-choice questions that students answer through the use of text/SMS messages. Here is the list of online survey tools that are best and available for free, feel free to try them too. Students will be very excited since they can be able to use their cellphone devices during class hours and teachers, in turn, can get helpful feedback on how students understand a certain concept.

Overall, teaching is an extremely daunting task. However, with the help of these free online tools, teachers will be able to teach their students more easily and students will be able to learn well, while at the same time enjoying their classes.

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