Create a Professional Logo online with Logaster

All right, so you need a professional logo for your website, business or blog but haven’t any idea how to.
No worries, it’s easy if you use web based applications (online tools) to create your first concept for free.
Every business has its own concept, and having an eye catching logo can greatly captivate the users that will turn into customers.
 But you think it’s hard to create eye catching? You thought but you won’t if you use the Logaster service to make a creative logo for your business.
In this post I’ll guide you how to use this online tool to create a business logo, its super fast easy and have tons of features than any other web service you may tried.
Using this tool anyone would be able to generate a logo and then upload it on their website, as it has hundreds of concepts (templates) to choose from and customizations made pretty much easy.

A logo has a great impact on user behaviors, it’s something that will never go through their minds and will remind them about your online or offline business in future.

Web based applications comes in handy when time is running and you need to accomplish a small project task, such type of services are browser based apps for which you don’t need to download and install any kind of software.

Logaster: Create a Professional logo for your Business

With logaster, you don’t need to have any programming skills; its interactive interface makes it easy to design a logo.

logaster homepage

It takes less than a minute to create a logo, the best thing I like in this tool is that has lot of templates to choose from and customization is done through drag and drop.
Let’s get started.
I’ll walk you through whole process, from creating the concept to downloading the logo in your desired format.

Getting started: Choose business type

You can start creating logos without creating an account on logaster site however I’ll recommend you create an account, as it will help you save your logos.

Choose Business Type

Simply enter your company name, click on add slogan if you need to (you can also add it later). Choose a business type from the list and click on next.

Choose a concept for your logo

This is the most interesting step; you don’t really need to start with scratch as there are hundreds of concepts already created for you.

logo templates

Select a concept and then click on next. Note that these concepts are related to the type you chose in the previous step, you can go back and change it if doesn’t suite.

Design your logo

Now this is the most important step, and it’s pretty much easy, click on edit logo, select the symbol and you’d be able to change it if it doesn’t suite, click on the text if you want to change it, drag and drop to make it looks good.

It’s flexible, you can do any customization like changing fonts, adding slogan, changing colors, drop shadows and lots of other cool things.
Feel free to play with it and come up with an eye catching logo.
Once you’re done then click on next.

Finalizing the process (save your Logo)

This is last step, click on save logo and sign in.
You can download your logo for free (small size), if you’re satisfied with your logo concept then I’d highly recommend you buy it as it will be then in high quality.

Save your Logo or download it

After purchase you’ll also get all files such as raster logo files and scalable files. This is important as the free one is not really flexible and is not of high quality.

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