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N1 video converter is a free online video converter for multimedia files conversions, it is easy to use and is the fastest one available on the internet. If you’ve ever got a video file that is not compatible with your current device and you need to convert it to other video file format so that it can support it’s playback then you’re the at the right place.
N1 Video converter supports almost any video file conversion and is also available in other flavours such as extension for Google chrome, Safari and Mozilla Firefox.
Recently we talked about top 5 free online video converters where we discussed the most popular online video converter online tools so that you can pick up a best one for such type of task.

n1 video converter

For video file conversions there are tons of software’s available but as they are time consuming to download and then install and in case you’re in hurry and doesn’t require mostly performing such type of tasks then you should go for browser based because they are free to use as well as time saving.
Software that can do this kind of work for you are mostly trail versions and you will need to pay to use its full version.

N1 Video Converter

Let’s get started with the advance and most popular video converter that is N1 Video converter, I’ll give you a short overview about it and then will show you step by step guide on how to use it with some tips and tricks.
Basically it’s a browser based video conversion software available for free use, It supports uploads from a URL as well as from your own computer.
You can convert any video file to other formats such as AVI, FLV, MP4, MP3 and lots of others.
Learn more about N1 video converter and other free online video converters.
The first thing you will need is to select your location, United States of America, France, United Kingdom,  Deutschland, Rest of Europe or Rest of the World.
You’ll have options to either upload video File from your Own computer or from a URL, in case you want to convert a video from YouTube then it comes in handy.
It’s divided into 3 types, one is MP3 converter, while the second one is Video converter (Uploads from URL) and the third and final one which is of both types is uploads from computer.
Once you’re the done, then the conversion process will start automatically and in a few minutes your video file will be converted and then you can either save it or download it to your own Computer.

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