Looking for a 100% Free Web host? 000WebHost has got you covered

Setting up a website and running it is no more as complex as it used to be a decade ago. Evenpeople with absolutely zero knowledge of coding or web development can easily create a websiteand host it. If you are wondering how much will all of this cost you then clear all your inhibitionsbecause it costs only $0.00. You read that right! In fact, you can also earn from your websites.This essentially means that with zero investment you can get returns for your venture. One of themost popular companies providing free web hosting services is 000webhost.com which is totallyad-free with no hidden terms and conditions and has been top ranked by various independenttech-analyst. Let’s first take a look at all the positive attributes of 000webhost free services usedfor various small and medium-sized websites.000webhost Free Features (Merits):

  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee – This Company uses its servers to store databases and provideservices. Hence, it guarantees 99.5% uptime and 99.9% peak which are unbeatable. What thismeans is that your website will be down only for 30 to 45 minutes which is not so bad at free ofcost. Naturally, 000webhost becomes a favorite choice of the customers owing to decent uptimeat no cost.
  • Brilliant Language Support – It provides you the flexibility to use PHP, Curl, MySQL,Zend, XML, GD2, fopen(),.htaccess, PHP sockets, etc. and these are supported entirely bywww.000webhost.com You also get free cPanel web hosting admin panel. The website ensuresthat you get access to all the latest type of database support.• Utility & Reliability – 000webhost never asks you for your credit/debit card details or anyother financial statements for availing its free services. The website is easy to use and designedsuch that even the most amateur web developers can easily comprehend.
  • Building Website Without Coding – If you cannot write codes for your website then youcan use the free website builder which enables you to make your own website and customize itusing simple clicks based various pre-defined themes and professional templates. This makes thetask of building your website very easy with simple clicks.
  • One Click Installation & High Bandwidth – Installing your website automatically can bedone by the tool Automatic Installer which helps you to improve your website by addingcustomized Forums, FAQs, Galleries, etc. Also, WordPress, Drupal, OS Commerce, PhotoGallery, etc. scripts are all supported. It helps you to support millions of the page sight in theyear.
  • Resourceful 000webhost Blog –This is one of the best features for self-learners or amateursor even professionals to discuss all the queries related to web development or web hosting.Moreover, this blog has been regularly updated, and independent web developers have used it fordiscussion and debate. This has made the entire content on blog cover almost the entire topicsrelated to web hosting or development.

000webhost Demerits:

One of the biggest demerits associated with the 000webhost free version is that you canonly use it for small website content and if you just want your presence in the web only.

  • A lot of the features come only with the paid plans, and you end up spending somemoney to get those extra valuable features. • The security of any free web hosting service provider is always a matter of concern. Thewebsite does not provide you a detailed analysis or generates detailed reports of howyour website is performing. Your mail inbox may also be flooded with bogus offers andadvertisement emails. If you plan to control your web hosting via mobile phone, then itmay not be possible without signing up for paid membership, and there are noavailability of responsive designs.
  • Your website will remain in sleep mode for certain duration which is not healthy for yourbusiness as every second that your website is unavailable you lose a customer owing tothousands of people simultaneously accessing your web page.000webhost Plans & Tariff: Free Web Hosting gives you free domain hosting, MySQL database (limited to 2 nos.),and your website goes down only 1 hour per day. It also provides 1000 MB disk spaceand 10000 MB of bandwidth to support all of your basic operations.Premium Silver Web Hosting comes at the cost of $3.49 per month and gives you accessto virtually unlimited disk space and bandwidth thus hosting unlimited no. of websites.Your website will never go on sleep mode and will be available 24×7. Also, you getcustomized email accounts for your business needs. Business Gold Web Hosting essentially consists of literally every feature as available inthe free and silver versions. It is priced at $7.95 per month and comes with additionalfeatures such as daily backups and live support. You also get free SSL certificate whichprotects your website from cyber- attack.ConclusionIn the end, you are the decision-maker, and you need to identify the need of web hosting for yourbusiness. Heads up for all small ventures or bloggers but for a very large scale business typically
  • you need to subscribe to their membership to avail all the benefits with enhanced data security.Always make an informed choice when it’s about web hosting. Web hosting is being used bymillions of people around the world, and there are thousands of webhosting service providersluring customers with false promises and advertisements. It is advisable to always stick to themost used and most popular web hosting companies rather than small ones having a customerbase numbering in thousands. This is because for any business security of data should be thepriority and companies with the huge number of subscribers speak volumes of faith instilled inthem by the online community. 000webhost is highly recommended especially for beginners as itis reliable, provides a plethora of free benefits and you get to learn a lot by subscribing to it.

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