5 Must-Have Android Apps For All The Bloggers & Publishers Out There!

Blogging and publishing has become quite common throughout the world. It is all about expressing and sharing your thoughts or even some specific information with the world. Thanks to the availability of tablets and smartphones, bloggers can now stay connected with the world through their smart devices. Lots of android apps are available which can help bloggers when they are on the go.


You will stay connected with your audience and publish the tasks using your smartphone with the android apps. Have a look at the 5 best android apps that all bloggers and publishers must possess:

1. WordPress

WordPress is the top must-have app for bloggers and publishers. With the help of this application, you have all the power in your hands to publish your content easily. You can create and consume the content and even write, edit and delete your posts while you are on the go. You can easily download this application and install it on your smartphone or tablet. The best part about this application is that it is open source and free. You can even publish photos or make videos using your mobile and post via WordPress.

2. Google Analytics

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you can use the smartphone for accessing profile reports and keep track of the performance of your blog? Google analytics application is what you need then. This application has been upgraded to a newer and better version and it has a new interface now. It has been optimized for tablets and smartphones. Now if you want to access your analytics information anytime, then you can use this app to access the data from wherever you are.  This app will provide you details about your blog which will just be a tap away. You will know the real-time activities happening on your blog, the page views, the unique visitors who have just landed on your page, number of visits, the most popular posts, traffic sources and the referrals and a lot more. Whatever you want to analyze about your blog, all will be accessible.

3. Feedly

If you are looking for a new way of browsing your content over your favorite websites, then the best android application for this purpose is Feedly. With the help of this application, you post your content on RSS feed, Tumblr Blogs and even on the YouTube channels. If you are tired of hunting for news, you can use Feedly for this purpose as it uses RSS for the aggregation of the content of new sites and blogs you like, and you can deliver the content quickly. You can perform all these tasks on your smartphone by installing this application on to your phone. It is capable of providing a fast mobile-optimized experience.

4. Blogger

It has become easier for the bloggers to write, edit and publish content straight from their android phones and tablets with the help of an amazing android application i.e. Blogger.com. You can easily create and publish posts to your blogs wherever you are. The main features of this app are:

  • You can immediately compose a post and publish it to your blog
  • Modification of existing posts can be done easily and quickly
  • You can view your previous posts
  • You can switch between accounts and blogs if you possess more than one
  • You can upload images to your blogs
  • You can add location and label information to your posts

5. Tumblr

If you are a blogger or a publisher, you will know the importance of Tumblr to a great extent. You would never regret having the Tumblr app in your smartphone or tablet. This app will let you post anything no matter where you are; be it the links, quotes, videos, photos, music, text or gifs. You just have to follow the things of your interest and you will have all the latest feed on your dashboard in no time. Once you will install this app in your device, a widget with the name “create a post” will be created on your home screen. With this widget, you can posts the quotes, save your drafts, view messages and even reply to those messages. In short, with your smartphone, you will get to manage your blog seamlessly.

The above listed applications have become very much popular among the bloggers and publishers because they can let you manage your content and website in the most professional way. If you are a blogger then you must have these applications installed on your smartphone to make blogging easy. With these apps, you can manage and create your posts to your blogs without turning on your laptop. These applications are open sourced so it is easy to download and install them on the phones and tablets. No matter where you are, you are sure to get the content management at its best.

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