11 Free & Best Online Data Visualization Tools

Visualizing data using tools is the easy and efficient way to present numerical and statistical data or even information flow in graphical form.  Visualizing data helps audiences understand the data better designed using visualization softwares and online tools.
We recently talked about infographics creating tools to visualize data in graphical form. We also talked about tools to create graphs and charts with the online diagram tools.
In the today post we’ll be discussing best data visualization tools that are free to use.
If you’ve lots data to present, you need to present it in graphical form instead of tabular forms or tables, as you’ve collected and gathered data, you might used online survey tools to get it from users, you know the data and you can understand, you can also analysis it for yourself, you know the results. But the data you’ve collected can’t be understood by your users, clients and audiences. Now if you visualize the same data and use infographics, charts, graphics and diagrams, it would be understood by your audiences.
It’s just like converting the raw data into information and then visualizing it using free online data visualization tools.

Data Visualization

Data visualization is not new phenomenons you’ve heard about, remember when you were presenting data and were using a pin and paper to make pie charts, graphs and other diagrams using maths and statistical formulas.
Its 21 century, and now you’ve got lots of tools that are available online to work smarter instead of taking lots of time to accomplish the same task.

What are Data Visualization tools?

Let’s first ask ourselves, what is data visualization? Data visualization is the study of data representation in graphical form, its usage comes when you’ve got lots of data to present, complex data and you needed to convert it into clear information using a tool or software.
You need to represent that data effectively.
To accomplish this task efficiently we needs to use data visualization tools, to create charts, graphs, diagrams and info graphics.

Best Data Visualization Tools

Let’s get started and discuss about online tools that can be used to visualize data in graphics form.
There’re tons of tools available, that’s why I’ve complied a list of Best Visualization tools to choose from.
For each tool there will be a short description next to it which differentiate it from others.
Data Visualizations are of different types, and every site offering different types of tools to convert data into graphical form.

Many Eyes

Manyeyes data visualiazation

Powred by IMB, The best thing about Many eyes is that you can get idea from features diagrams and graphs, there are tons of topics you can check out, tools to visualize data effectively.

Google Public Data Explorer

Google public data explorer figure

Now it’s what you can expect, Google Public date explorer help you visualize data in the form of charts and graphs. It is best in terms of visualizing geographical data. It is free and easy to use.


Open source data visualization with axiss

Axiis is a data visualization framework, on their website you can download the open source software for windows and mac. It is for beginners as well as for developer experts.

Weather Spark

Data visualization with weather spark

As you expected from it’s name, lots of data available to visualize historical weather data, as the data is shown in graphical form so it’s easy to understand.

Google Fusion Tables

Google fusion tables data

Google Fusion tables can be used to visualize statistical data, it is best if you are working with geographical data such as populations and related events. It is free to use and you can also share your work online, you need to have a Google account to start visualizing. It also offer free online collobration tools to interact with other team members

Quandl searches figure

Search over 7,000,000 topics such as economics, finance and social datasets, QuandI help you visualize information in graphical form, to get started you will need to have an account.

HTML Graph

Now this tool is a bit different and the usage is also, with HTML Graph you can visualize your website structure information. You just type a URL and hit generate to analyze the structure of your website. The graph tree shown will be the important structure data about your website.

Story Maps

Story maps

Story maps is an interesting tool for visualizing historical information. Best for visualizing geographical data. Comparing the modern world with previous in terms of populations changes and more. 


Visualization of wiki

Wiki Mind Map is the best visualization tool, it has lots of data. you just enter a topic and it display the data related to your keyword. the data shown in tree graphical form to let your users understand the topic better.


Tell your story visually figure

Can’t miss to mention this awesome tool for visualizing information related to different fields. With the Visual.ly you can create awesome and impressive infographics. You can also create diagrams and charts with this tool. There’re tons of topics you can get idea for your next project. Learn more about infographics creator tools.

 These were some of the free online data visualization tools to visualize data in graphical form, I hope that they will be useful for you, as they were of different type, pick up the best for your project according to your needs.
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