7 Functional Tools Bloggers Can Use to Generate Article Topics

There are so many things going on a blogger’s mind and to relieve themselves of these ideas, they write them one by one. They share it on their blog and get traffic from readers who frequently visit it.

Admittedly, there are moments when a writer’s mind go haywire. They can’t think of any good topic to write. It’s common. Many writer’s experience writer’s block when they are intensely stressed, tired, or out of any inspiration to write. They can’t think of great topics, that readers would appreciate.

In times like this, the quick fix is to use blog idea generators that anyone can easily search online. If you are a blogger that momentarily experience loss of ideas to write on your blogs, you might want to check these idea generators to make blogging faster, easy, and less stressful:

1. Portent’s Content Idea Generator

Portent’s content idea generator, The most notable part of using Portent’s Content Idea Generator is its great layout. It’s modern, fun, and creative and these are also the best words to describe the headlines it suggests. Just like any other idea generator, you have to try your luck multiple times before you could get a good enough topic. Some topics it show can be ridiculous at times, but you can transform them into something out-of-the-box to ignite readers’ interest.

2. Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator

Hubspot’s, The interface is a basic layout where you input three keywords that will be used to determine the suggested headlines. Hubspot is a famous site for many bloggers because they have been sharing a few helpful free tools to improve a site’s quality and ranking. In this case, Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator gives plenty of ideas to choose from. Sure, it uses formulaic headlines other blogs commonly use, but it is specifically designed to be search engine friendly. Suggested titles are clear, attention-grabbing and keyword rich.

3. Content Ideator

Content Ideator, This isn’t the best idea generator but it does recommend you great titles. You don’t actually get the exact headlines generated from this site because they are the titles published from different websites. But it can help you come up with search engine optimization friendly titles that can improve your site’s traffic. Content Ideator only works best for bloggers who wants to find inspiration on what to write. What you do is pick a title, and form a working title based from it.

4. Inbound Now Title Generator

Inbound Now, Writer’s block is frustrating but it occurs naturally to writers, so you can’t do anything about it. But when you are having trouble thinking of good topics to write and worried about on-page optimization as well, you probably have to consult Inbound Now Title Generator. With every click, it gives you a different title where you can insert a keyword accordingly. The headlines generated are optimized so that it can be easily crawled by search engine bots. Titles sometimes sound formulaic, but it is still interesting and worth writing.

5. Blog About by Impact

Blog about, With Blog About, you simply type the main topic and hit enter. Afterwards it will suggest a headline, where keywords are left blank for you to fill. Click the refresh button to look for another title. Like any idea generators, you won’t get exactly what you are looking for but the headlines are good enough to inspire an article. Plus, the suggestions are search engine optimized so it helps rank your site better. The site’s sleek interface is also easy to navigate.

6. The Blog Post Ideas Generator

Idea Blog Post, This tool is part of Build Your Own Blog, a website that helps people in building their blogs for themselves or for business. The recommended headlines are general and not as interesting as other sites, but it can still be effective if you add a bit of your creativity to it. Some titles even sound like titles for an elementary essay, but some are still worth using.

7. Tweak Your Biz Generator

Tweak Your Biz, This generator can be intimidating because of so much titles it will recommend with just a simple keyword. Type in the topic you want, and the tool will generate headlines categorized into lists, questions, how tos, love and more. It can be time consuming to scorll through all the topics, but there is always something interesting to write if you use Tweak Your Biz.

Sure, idea generators do not give the most accurate results. Sometimes these tools even show ridiculous titles. But these tools are helpful in sparking ideas, especially when bloggers can’t think of anything to write. Just add a bit of your creativity and you might get the topic for your next viral blog post.

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Lace Wanders is a blogger who regularly writes for different sites and newsletters. She is a marketing graduate and is currently working for BestEssay, as a senior marketing specialist.

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