30 SEO Tools Blogger or Website Owner Must to Use

SEO tools help you make your site healthy and search engine friendly which help your blog to drive more traffic and generate more leads.
As a blogger or website owner the most important and tough task is to bring lots of visitors to your site and for this purpose two main sources are used. One is search engines who’s traffic is called Organic and the second source is non-organic which includes Social media traffic, referral traffic.
If you can to create contents that go viral and not you but peoples wants to share your contents then then the good news is that you don’t actually need to do SEO for your site as you’re already getting traffic in this way, however not all site owners are that much lucky and the world wide web is full of competitors.
If this is the case then you should use tools that can help you dig into the depth of your site and fix the errors to make it more visible to search engines.
If you’re using any other Platform than WordPress then you’ll need to work more to optimize your website.
The most important On-Page SEO factor that is website speed does matter in site ranking in Google. So you need to optimize website contents and one thing among other you can is to optimize images for web so that it load faster which impact website speed.
Once you create enough contents then you need to  use website analytic tools to check to see your website visitors stats and to see page scores that is which type of posts and getting more traffic and which are’t scoring well.
Before you even create your blog you need to research the topics and need to choose the one that can bring you targeted and profitable traffic.
Analysing you website to see how it looks which search engine spiders crawling it is important because that’s the handy hint you get when it comes to Website structure optimization.
For bloggers it’s important to find relevant blogs to engage and comment on them as well as with the blog owners because if there sense is the same then you need to follow their upcoming posts.

SEO tools for bloggers and website owners
I’ve given you a brief overview about tools you can use to either optimize the structure of your site or to make your blog more visible search engines as well as to get bloggers engaged with your blog. However if you are’t getting them or can’t to use them effectively then here in this post I’ll be describing some essential tools you can use and can get benefits from them.

SEO Tools for Bloggers and Website Owners

There’re countless SEO tools and No one can to give the list of all, however some are essential that’re easy to find and use even for beginners.

On Page SEO Tools

To make it easier for you I’ve divided SEO tools in two categories, I’ll be giving you a short description for each one and then will take you for further research and implementation.

Keyword Research with Long Tail Pro

If your mind is blank or empty or you’re in doubt about what to blog that can bring you not only traffic but targeted profitable traffic then you should use Long Tail Pro Software, You can give it a try and can use it free for 10 days and if you think it saving your time and retuning you the amount you paid then you should upgrade to it’s platinum version.

Long tail pro

If you are’t in state of buying any software then check out here 11 Best Keyword research tools for Google keywords to search the topics you’ve in mind and explore the ideas further.

Off Page SEO Tools

So far we talked about tools that can be applied on your site called On-Page SEO tools, the good thing about these is that it’s easy to do and they are under your control. However Off Page SEO factors has much power than On page optimization in terms of ranking a website.
When we hear this term, 2 words come into our mind and that are link building and Backlinks.

So these were the essential SEO tools every blogger and website owner need to use in order to make healthy and search engine friendly site. I hope all of them will be useful for you and that you’ll get benefits from them.

  1. Kamran Khan

    Comments are appreciated related to this post, feel free to share your views, if you've got another SEO tool and want to share about it you do so but please do not use anchor tags while inserting link in comment.

  2. JiN KaZaMa

    Hey Kami Thanks For th Awsome Seo Toools 馃檪

  3. Kamran Khan

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    You welcome and thank for commenting and appreciating.

  4. myfirstblogonblogger

    Hi Kamran Khan. Nice post. I came to read it as you were talking about 30 SEO tools. Yup Long tail pro has been the top recommend seo tools. Also market samurai is good one.

  5. Kamran Khan

    Thank you for commenting. Long Tail pro is faster. Market samurai was best in it's time.

  6. Kamran Khan

    Hi Abdul,
    Looks like you're New to SEO, you should start by surfing on SEO category, I'll shared lots of resources you can utilize.

  7. Suresh Khanal

    Hi Kamran,

    This is much more condensed post than I initially expected. The post is full of links and each pointing to a much vast knowledge.

    I suggest to focus on on-page-optimization at first. When you have great user engaging content well organized and presented, then it will be time to go for link building and back links.

    The story of back linking will be most startling and full of surprises. Recently I experienced a quite unexpected result in Google PageRank update. The one for what I was actively building links remained constant in PageRank while another for which I was not link building but got a authoritative link improved huge. So, it may not be the number and diversity of links, but rather the powerful links!

    Thanks for this condensed post. Will have to visit again and again to cover up all those that you've linked.

  8. Nwosu Mavtrevor

    I have not seen a better website SEO tools gathered in one post than this, these are great tools one can use in promoting and building a high ranking website. With these tools you can optimize your site better and easier. I personally use the Long tail pro for my keyword researches.

  9. Kamran Khan

    Hi Suresh,
    Thank you for commenting and sharing your own experience.
    On Page Optimization is the first phase in SEO process. Link building should be done properly to achieve desired results.

  10. Kamran Khan

    Hi Nwosu,
    Thank you for commenting and sharing your views. Long Tail Pro is definitely a gift for SEO gurus. It's easy and smart. However if one is new to research and can't to afford then Google Keyword Planner is the good option.

  11. Kamran Khan

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    Thank you for commenting, I appreciate it.

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    You can ping your post for indexation. However I'll suggest to go to Google webmasters tools, then under crawl section fetch as Google.

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    Great and a very informative blog for me. I like reading this post. Thanks a lot for sharing.

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