12 Must Try Free Online Graphic Design Tools

Online infographic marketing is now leading to become the best way to publish content in a way that it can be easily absorbed by the viewers and readily accepted. There are many free online tools available for artists and designers, which can help in creating some amazing looking infographics.

StatPlanet for maps and graphs

statplanet for maps and graphs

StatPlanet is an application that is available free of cost for creating thematic maps and graphs. It can help in researching and exploring the data demographic, environment, health, socio-economic indicators from various research-related sources like UIS and WHO.
The best feature of StatPlanet is its ability to help create custom interactive maps and graphs by importing your own data. Later it can be turned to static images, which can make for excellent infographics. The application is available for use online and also as a stand-alone desktop version.
Here’s the list of map and graphs maker online tools you should also try out and make some choices as well as Photoshop Online.

Visualizations with Visual.ly

visual ly infographics maker

Visual.ly, If it’s about creating breathtaking visuals in a few minutes with the prowess of leading information designers to your own design then Visual.ly is a great tool to look at. It has a very simplistic way of functioning with plug and play, grab and go functions with the two-button approach. Though the tool is still in developmental process, it offers a Twitter Visualizer to create personalized infographics for Twitter accounts with relation to what you tweet. Here’s the list of infographics creator tools you should also try.

Timetoast for Timelines

create timeliness

Timetoast, If you have an event and want to create an infographic-related interface for the entire timeline then look no further, Timetoast helps in creating interactive and attractive timelines easily. This easy to share online timeline creator can help add details about events like its foundation time, participants in it, winners, etc. Need survey tools? Here’s the list of powerful online survey tools you should try out to make quizzes and polls.

The Amazing Adobe Creative Suite

adobe creative suite for graphics

Adobe Creative Suite is the industry’s standard for anything related to graphics and comes with a portfolio of programs that include Photoshop, Dreamweaver, After Effects, Encore, etc which you can utilize to boost the looks of your infographics even further.
Want to create a portfolio website? Here’s the list of sites to create one for your business.

DeviantART Community

Deviant art community

DeviantArt is a community which is highest rated online artist-upload space that has about 200 million artworks in total. Users can easily save their work, share it with people and at the same time shop for artworks. It is a great place to begin for aspiring artists can really help in generating some fruitful design inspiration.
Want to learn a new language? Here’s the list of online courses to start by choosing from the lessons lists.

Picnik for Image Editing

editing image online

Picnik (Update: Picnik has retired its service, try this one instead) is a great tool available for users as a web application that lets the users upload and edit their digital photos. There is an option of paid service available, which adds more features but not necessary due to the free version being an almost complete package in itself. It offers most digital photo editing tools without the need of any desktop software for people who are sitting at a cafe, office computer, etc.

FotoFlexer Image Editor

foto plexer image editor

FotoFlexer is a great tool that helps in easily editing images with tools that work for all level of artists. It helps in quickly adjusting basic attributes in an image along with an option to share it online.
Try online photoshop web based app and edit your images online for free.

Flash Vortex Banners

Flash vortex banner creating process

Flash vortex, If you are looking to create banner ads for your site or blog then check out the amazing Flash Vortex. It is available for free but comes with their name on your advert which can be removed with a small payment. Also the free application usage is a great way to utilize it but has issues while creation of banner backgrounds. But all said and done it has the capability to create striking banner ads very quickly but is a bit restricted in the background creation area.
Here’s the list of banner maker online tools you should try out and make some choices among them to use whenever you need.

Free Banner Creator

banner maker tool online using

Free banner creators list, As the name suggests it is simply a Banner Creator. But compared to other free functional tools that offer similar creation options it has more functions at your disposal with a simple process at hand. You just need to replace the sample text and take a look how your banner ad looks like. If you are happy with how it looks it simply provides you with an output to create the fastest banner ad you would ever achieve for free.

Banners Using HTML5 Maker

banner using html 5 maker

HTML5 Maker helps in creating great looking banner ads that are HTML5 compatible. If you want to try your skills with it follow some good tutorials that are freely available on YouTube to learn the process. It can help you create the ads very quickly and with few correction can make a wonderful looking ad.
Are you a web designer, these HTML5 tools are then for you to try out.

Model Using Sculptris

model using sculptris

Sculptris is simple, intuitive and a product from Pixologic who have created ZBrush for modeling. It works very similar to Dynamic Topology that is used in Blender to create high levels of details without the need to subdivide a model. The file can be saved into a native culture file type so that it can be recalled and edited. The file is also good to be exported in ZBrush or Wavefront file format that works on other 3D programs too.
Want to upload files online? Then try these free online file sharing websites and make some choices from them.

Collage Media Using Mural.ly

Collage media using Mural ly

Mural.ly is a great tool for creative artists to gather media files, links and documents over a big canvas of HTML5. It also lets you collaborate with different designers who want to brainstorm on particular topics remotely. The whole application is optimized for use on iPad and is gesture friendly for easy usage.
Want to collaborate online, then try these collaboration tools for online usage, make some choices and use then one you like.


These amazing technologically-advanced tools are a sure-shot help when it comes to creating infographics easily and with great appeal to capture the mind of your viewers.

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