12 Email Tools That Can Help You Become Successful at Work

Do you ever feel like replying to your emails and finding urgent emails in the morning, are slowly draining your energy at work? Do you feel too exhausted during work hours that you could not finish any of your tasks?

Be warned! Successful people don’t slack off at work. They always remain efficient and hard working no matter what situation they are in. Thankfully, there are tools that you can use to optimize your emails, and make yourself productive. You’ll save a lot of time in managing your emails and focus on actually doing things done.

Email tools for business

Now, if you want to maximize your work time and become a successful person, you have to try these following tools:


Rapportive is a very reliable tool that lets you see the information of your contacts without getting out of your mail dashboard. It even helps you connect with their social media profiles like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


Boomerange, this Google exclusive tool offers a lot of unique functions that helps you optimize your time while you’re on your inbox. Boomerang is a powerful tool in scheduling your emails. It also gives notifications if your emails are already read. When used properly, it can help you land deals faster and find leads better.


Unroll, If cluttered inbox and unimportant subscriptions make you ineffective at work, you have to do something about it. Start by cleaning your inbox using Unroll.me. This free tool sorts your newsletter subscriptions, even giving you an option to unsubscribe with just one click. It also features the Rollup, which combines all your favorite newsletters in one digest to make reading easy and your inbox tidy.


Mxhero, Hate to download attachments from your inbox and save it in portable memory devices? Then let MxHero be your savior! It automatically synchronizes your file attachments to your cloud, so you can access it anywhere. You can also track and schedule mails, to improve your productivity. It also boasts self-destructing emails that keep confidential messages away from third parties.


OmniMail, This handy extension helps you write messages to your contacts without getting into your email accounts. Once installed, all you need to do is type mail in your Omnibar then, press tab. Type the contact’s name on the navigation bar and you are ready to compose a message. This is a great tool to save time and effort.

Minimalist For Everything

Minimalist for everything, A messy inbox makes your work confusing, which eventually leads to inefficiency. But hat won’t happen if you use Minimalist For Everything. This Google extension lets you remove Gmail elements that annoy you. You can remove lines, background colors, or improve fonts, leaving you with a simple, more functional email interface.


ActiveInbox, This tool lives up to its promise of simplifying people’s work. You can conveniently turn emails into tasks (grouped in folders) so you can easily decide what to do with a mail. You can also organize projects, show emails related to a task, add deadlines and see other people working on the same project. With your messages organized properly, there is no excuse to make things done.


SideKick, If you want to be a hero in your office, a fitting sidekick is what you need. Try SideKick, a fully integrated email tool that shows a contact’s work history, email history, personal details, and mutual contacts. It even allows schedule emails and notifies you if the message has been read. All these features allow you to optimize mail to your advantage.


Sanebox, This cloud-based tool is a must-have for people who relies on emails to make things done. Sanebox reads through all your messages and organize them into folders- those that need urgent attention and those that are not. Its SaneAttachment folder also filters attachments so that a particular size of file is directly saved in your cloud. Subsequent emails are dropped into its appropriate folder, instead of cluttering in your inbox.

Gmail Snooze

Gmail Snooze is a simple extension but it can significantly improve your efficiency. Say, you have so many tasks to deal with but you have an equally important email that you need to respond to. You can simply use the Gmail snooze button so you won’t lose momentum in doing the task, and later get a reminder about the email.

Find Big Mail

Find Big Mail, Emails have limited space and if your account is nearing to its limit, cleaning it can be difficult. To help you start, you can use Find Big Mail. This tool scans your email for huge files, and lets you remove them via a folder added on your circles. Too bad Find Big Mail is only free for Gmail users.


WiseStamp: Making beautiful and professional signatures had never been so easy thanks to WiseStamp. It helps you create html-based signatures that will fit the brand you want to show to your clients, leading to improved sales and effective marketing.

The path towards successes only opens through hard work, but why would you let yourself suffer if there are tools like these that can help lighten your job? Whether you use emails, for communicating with your team, finding sales leads, or sending marketing newsletters, you have to try using these tools. They make your work productive, less taxing, and more organized.

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