5 Online tools to find Relevant Blogs for Commenting

Commenting is a way to appreciate the author and to engage with bloggers, finding relevant blogs is important; because this is the way you can find the blogger friends whose Blog niche is related to your.  It not just helps you- but also other bloggers, because they might get something from your Quote, or find it useful to be there.

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In the today post I will be sharing with you online tools that are free to use, with these tools you can find relevant blogs to comment on them, and get exposure and backlinks from them. Backlinks from these blogs may be nofollow or dofollow. You can use Online SEO tools to determine them.

What does relevant blogs mean?

Relevant Blogs are the blogs who’s Blog topics (niche) is related to your, for example if you’re writing on blogging then relevant blogs will be blogging tips, blogging success, blogging tools etc. the topic should be same or related to each other one’s.
You won’t get any value for your blog if you’re not engaging with the relevant blogs owners, it may not be true for every blogging field, but for the most it is.

Backlinks from Relevant Blogs

Backlinks from relevant blogs are of quality type, they have much more power than from irrelevant blogs, in-fact they will be worse if they are not from relevant blogs.

When it comes to Ranking, improving SERP, baclinks have much power,   I won’t be wrong if I say, Quality Backlinks decides the position of sites in Search Results (Google Search).

If you comment on the High PR and relevant Blogs then it will help improve ranking in search.

Comment for Backlinks?

If you’re commenting on blogs just for the sack of backlinks, then although it gives vote to your blog in the eyes of search engines, you won’t get the value of engagement with other bloggers. Which is more important than backlinks, right?
Commenting on other blogs also help -strong relationship with other bloggers.

Online Tools to find blogs to comment

There are different types of online tools that find relevant blogs for you to comment on them; Here in this post I will be sharing some of them.

Drop My Link


Dropmylink is an online tool that helps you finds relevant blogs for commenting,   using different Google queries you can find thousand of sites to drop your blog link and create backlinks.
Here’s the list of commenting systems type and site type to find.

  • .Edu Blogs
  • .gov blogs
  • Anchor text in comment Blogs
  • CommentLuv Premium Blogs
  • Do follow comment Blogs
  • Expression engines forums.
  • HUB Pages.
  • KeywordLuv blogs
  • Livefyre Blogs
  • Squidoo lenses- add to this

The method is easy and straight forward, you simple type a keyword (to find blogs who’s niche is that keyword). And select from a list the type of commenting system or site type, and then Search.

Put My Link

Put my Link

Work same as DropMylink, and have the same features except Putmylink have the feature to find one more extra type backlinks.  I personally recommend to use DropMylink as it is more fast than Putmylink.

Disqus Google Query

If you want to find sites that have Disqus commenting system then you can do so.
Simply Google ‘Keyword “powered by Disqus” ‘. Note than Single quote is not necessary in-fact you don’t have to use it, while double quote inside powered by Disqus are necessary, Keyword is the niche of blogs you want to find.  You can try different types of keywords and can find blogs who’s niche is the same as yours and have enabled Disqus commenting system.

Other Special Google Queries 

You can Google, different type of queries to find a relevant blog,  “Your keyword “Special Keyword” “. For example you want to filter search results by “Powered by Drupal” or Similarly typepad, Blogger, CommentLuv etc. 

Does backlinks from relevant Blogs help?

Backlinks are relevant if they are from relevant blogs and juicy backlinks if they are dofollow.  They help you improve ranking of your Blog in Search results especially in Google Search. They also help you increase rankings.
I hope you’ll like these Online Tools to find relevant blogs to comment on them.

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    Awesome post!:)

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  4. Syed Ali

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  8. Jishnu B

    Nice Post . I would like to recommend one more tool to you .It is backlinkhippo.com .Before finding this dropmmylink was my favorite but this one has more queries and more options like digging into blog directories ,content sharing sites and finding guest blogging opportunities.

    I hope you will have a look into it .

  9. Kamran Khan

    Thank you for sharing with our readers. yeap that one has much more features. and it is easy to use.
    Thanks Again for participating in comments and sharing useful tool.

  10. Kulwant Nagi

    I am using DropMyLink from last 2-3 months and it is working awesome. Thanks for giving list of other tools.

  11. Kamran Khan

    Thank you Kulwant Nagi, Glad to see you here. Thank you for commenting on my Blog.
    Yeap! DropMyLink is the most popular.

  12. Jishnu B

    Hi Kulwant and Kamran .Yeap dropmylink is the most popular one but it doesn't mean that it is the most featured one.

    Happy Blogging

  13. Kamran Khan

    Hi Jishnu: Mostly bloggers use dropmylink and it works. there may be more. Thank you for commenting.
    Happy blogging!

  14. Kamran Khan

    Thank for sharing your views. Yes Engaging with bloggers though their blogs is important and we should be active.

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    Nice Post Buddy.
    really helpful for newbies , and also for me :p

    Thanks 🙂

  17. Ravi Kumar

    Nice post Kamran. There are some premium tools which are really good for this purpose but free tools are comparatively less. Thanks for sharing it

  18. Kamran Khan

    Hi Ravi,
    Thank you for commenting on my blog post. There are Premium tools such as Scrapbox which have more features.

  19. Kamran Khan

    That's also a nice idea.

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    Hi Diddharth Sharma,
    Thank you for commenting. Yeah! These are helpful for all type of bloggers.

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  22. Nwosu Mavtrevor

    I often use drop my link always to find related niche for blog commenting especially when i want to build a special kind of backlinks.

  23. Suresh Khanal

    Hi Kamran,

    I don't take Commenting for link building. There are many other better methods to build links and commenting for links is really least effective methods.

    Commenting in my opinion is a great tool to build relationship with the like minded people, mark your presence in blogosphere and get comments for your own blogs. It has lot more valuable reasons to engage yourself to commenting.

    Your post, however is really nice and useful to find related and relevant posts. As it is always desirous to build relationship with same niche bloggers!

  24. Siddharth Sharma

    Yeah! Nice tool Buddy, I'm using it from last 1 month and getting goof response. But i think ScrapBox is best because that told us PR and DA also in that software..

    Thanks to Share 🙂

  25. Kamran Khan

    Hi Nate,
    Thank you for commenting on my blog post.
    I'm glad to hear that.

  26. Kamran Khan

    Hi Nwosu,
    Thank you for sharing your views.
    You're right. Drop my link is easy to use.

  27. Kamran Khan

    Hi Suresh,
    Thank you for your words.
    I'd like to add one thing more: Comments are contents and are the parts of post.
    It is helpful but it's not so much effective as the mostly links are nofollow.
    It's effective to build relationship instead of building links.

  28. Kamran Khan

    Hi Siddharth,
    Thank for commenting on my blog post.
    ScrapBox is advance. I personally use free tools because with that I'm also using SEOQuack, so I can get also other ranking data for a particular page.

  29. neenasatine

    thanks for sharing these awesome tips Kamran. searching for relevant blogs to be commented can be a challenging task and these techniques made such endeavor quite easier than simply searching on google

  30. Kamran Khan

    Hi Neenasatine,
    Thank you for commenting and sharing your views.
    Online tools are there to help us to make this kind of task easier than ever before.

  31. Kamran Khan

    Hi Adnan,
    I appreciate every comment related to post. Please do not post links that are't relevant to the blog post.

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