11 Free Online HTML5 Tools for Web Designers

Making dynamic and user friendly websites and apps are now pretty much easy and quicker if we use online HTML5 tools.
HTML5 is the latest technology for the World Wide Web and is used by web designers and developers to create animated and attractive websites.
We’ve recently discussed about HTML5 development tool by Google Web Designer to create HTML5 creative.
Today we’re going to discuss some best HTML5 tools for web designers and developers.
Just like HTML and CSS editors help us design quickly and easily- HTML5 web designer online tools help us create modules for our web applications and thus in timely manner we can design innovative graphics and applications.

HTML5 For Web Designers

We’ve recently shared project management tools to manage and collaborate the project workers and to provide the interaction environment, while it was for the whole project team, our today post will help individual developers.
Every large project has a group of developers and designers who work independently to accomplish tasks.
Individuals workers for the designing and developing project modules use HTML5 and CSS3 to create creative, if these designers use online tools, The designing work could be easier and quicker.

Web Designer’s HTML5 Online Tools

As we were talking about project co-workers and team management which are an array of individuals, these individuals also includes web designers and a web designer needs online tools to accomplish design work, here we are talking about HTML5 tools to create annotative graphics and websites.
For small business, an independent web designer also require tools to use in order to accomplish web design work quickly and easily.
Let’s get started and discuss these resources for web developers as well as designers who like to develop apps in HTML5 but required to work online.

HTML KickStart

HTML Kickstart

For creating HTML5 website, fast and easier, 99lime provides all that elements that you need to work with, I won’t be wrong if I call them all website modules, such as designed website header, menus, heading and lists. You’ve also an option to download. Customize online and get your codes.

HTML5 audio maker

HTML5 audio maker info

WestCiv will help you make HTML5 audio, instead of coding on the desktop to accomplish this work which take time, why not accomplish this task online.

Test HTML5 Code Online

HTML5 code

Test HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3. Test and debug your code online in one window. This is an awesome HTML5 online tool, the best thing about this tools is that it is easy to use and quicker to load.

HTML5 Video Player

the open source html5 video player

Use this tool to add videos to your website before it is live to the world. Based on JavaScript. you can test your HTML5 player, once you are done then you can embed the code, for more info read the documentation on how to setup.

HTML5 Outliner 

HTML5 outliner choose file button

Use this tool to see the structure of your HTML5 code online, two options to use the tool, one is upload HTML5 document or loading it from a URL.


LimeJs intro

Interesting tool, do you want to create amazing apps, games? Build games that can work in all modern browsers and touch screens with LimeJS, LimeJS is HTML5 Game framework to develop games cross browsers.

Animation tool

Mixeek html5 and css3 animation

Based on HTML5,CSS3 and JavaScript to create animations, Mixeek editor help you to execute and develop web based animations quickly. Once you’re done then you can save your work or export the source code.

HTML5 Please

HTML5 Please

Useful online tool to find out HTML5 features and embed them into your Web app project modules. Features and information to see if you can use it.

Ajax animation tool Chrome Extension

Are you a new to HTML5 animations? Yes! then it is for you.  To use the tool you’ll need to download the chrome extension, it is free! Ajax animator is HTML5 based animation suite that you can use to create beautiful animations.

SVG to Canvas

SVG to Convas

Useful online tool to convert SVG to HTML5 Canvas,  Very easy to use, what you have to do is to paste SVG code and get converted HTML5 canvas by clicking on covert button.

Online pattern generation tool


A useful tool for web designers, Patternizer helps you create background for pages, headers.

Simple interface to use the tool, once you finish your work then get your code.
 So These were some of the HTML5 online tools for web designers, I hope that they will be useful for you and that it will save your time. As there were different types of tools and you need some for a project module. Pick up the best tool that you may need for designing.
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