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Take advantage from your internet connection and Personal Computer (PC) by making phone calls online for free. Yes! You heard it true. Now you can call to any mobile and landlines number for free from your PC.
While publishing on Online Free Tools Blog, I’ve tried to offer you lots of freebies that you can get under one roof.
Today’s one might be something you were waiting for. Online phone services offer you make calls online to cell phones in very low rates or cheap rates.
This scenario won’t be new to you, Every web application or desktop softwares give you a trail period to use their product, Or you can say test their product and here’s why they will get benefit. If you like their service and satisfied then you will probably buy their product and services.
We recently talked about free conference call is the case when you want to have conference calling feature. I’d recommend it to you if you are looking for it.
Now come to the point, Same is the case for making phone calls, you check their service intentionally or you just need it for sometime.

Make free online phone calls to mobiles

Most of them will offer you make calls to United states and Canada for free, such as Google Offers.
Why not to Outside USA? Some will also offer outside United states countries but their service will be limited.
Here’s What it means, You won’t be able make unlimited calls and won’t be international, Only for a few seconds to a few minutes. Such limited services will also restrict you call anywhere in the world, means to only some countries.

Can I really make phone calls online free?

Quick answer: Yes! To understand the full scenario and make really free phone calls you will need to read this post from start to the end.
Let’s say I can Make phone call online free, now the question arise in my mind, will it be international? Here I did’t mean local call and relating to international, Here’s what I mean, phone call any where in the world? the answer is, depending upon which online phone service you’re using, some will allow you make call to any country but with limited service. Almost all phone calls service that are available online will allow you make phone calls to USA, Canada and UK.
You might noticed I used the term limited service, If you are reading only this particular section of this post, you might did’t get. Here’s what it means, Free phone calls for some seconds to minutes and to some countries.

Free Online Phone Calls

Let’s get started, and talk about various types of online phone services for making free online phone calls, Here’s why we will be talking about different type of services, Some will offer you make call international but again limited, only for a few minutes, other will allow you make unlimited phone calls but again only to some countries. Now in which one you’re interested? that’s why we will be discussing about different type of websites.

Use Gmail to make unlimited free phone calls

Now this is the second type of service we recently talked in this post, Here’s what type of benefits you will avail.
You will be able to make voice and video calls to any friend in your contact list, this was’t new to you, right? Now this is something you’re really interested, You can call to mobile phones for free.You can dial any USA cell phone number and landlines number.
Gmail (Powered by Google) will allow you make 2 hour call to any united states number you dial, don’t worry about call interruption, You can dial once again.
Here’s a tutorial on How to Make Free Calls from PC to Mobile using Gmail.

Make a free international Call

As I divided online phone calls services into two types, this one is the first one we earlier talked, in this type you can make call to outside united states countries.
This is’t the best way to take advantage from your internet connection and Computer compare to the first one we talked, as you won’t be able to make unlimited calls in this type of services.
Then How can it benefit me? When you don’t have credit in your mobile, same is the case if you need to recharge and can’t.
In this kind of online phone service you will be able to make a free international call to any mobile number and landlines from your PC.
Evaphone was one of the most popular service for a free international call, Now as they don’t offer it. Now days offer such kind of free service.
I hope our today freebie Post will be useful for you and that you will take advantage for it, there are many websites that offer you free online phone calls, I’ve done my best to show you the most popular and new ones. 
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