10+ Free Backlink Checker Online Tools

Finding and analysing Website backlinks is an easy way to build quality backlinks to your website, the more you get backlink reports, the more you’ll have data about website back links. Backlink checker tools are important and you should use it in the right way because you need links information that pointing to your competitor website. It also helps for your own website, because you need to know that from where you’re getting backlinks?, what is the anchor text that linking to your site? how much ? what is the type of backlink you’re getting?

Search finding and checking backlinks

There are online Web applications built by high quality professional teams that allow you search backlinks for a website and get free reports. Before we search out all website backlinks. let’s clear the concept of quality backlink. 

What are Quality Backlinks?

If you have thousands of inbound links but not quality and relevant then they won’t be that much important as one quality and relevant backlink. Backlinks are of quality type if they are relevant, for example for a Blog publishing “Free Online Tools” will have have good type of backlinks if they are from relevant blogs
Blogs that are based on online tools contents, now if they are from Blog having higher page rank then they will be quality too.

Finding and Evaluating backlinks

Finding Backlinks are easy, once you done the first then the last phase would be evaluating and gaining for yours website.
We’ll be using Backlink checker tools to find out all backlinks for a website, note that we can search out not just own website backlinks but also someone else (Competitor), checking own website backlinks will be important for gathering back-links data, for competitor website checking it will be good for us too because we want also to have backlinks from websites that our competitor have already.
Once we get a list of all backlinks of our website, then we have to evaluate the type and how they are linked.
For example suppose you found a backlink then the it is important to know is it nofollow or dofollow?, what is the anchor text (keyword) that is linked.

The more you’ve quality backlinks the more you’ll have ranking in Google Search, Finding and checking Backlinks are essential , because this is the effective way to evaluate the type of backlink and get backlink reports.

Free Backlink checker

Now we’re going to use online tools to check website backlinks and then analysis it. 
There are numerous tools available online to search backlinks, following are some of them.


Ahrefs Site Explorer
Ahrefs, allow you get free reports of all backlinks pointing to your website, the best thing about this tools is you it show you diagrammatically all data, for example a graph showing the date when you had an amount of backlinks, and were they increasing or decreasing, how much backlinks and the type of backlinks that is- how much of them are nofollow and dofollow. The best think I like in ahrefs is that it shows anchor text cloud which demonstrate the overall picture of most linked keyword (anchor text) as well as graphic representation of phrases.

Open Site Explorer 

Open site explorer
OpenSiteExplorer, Developed by SEOMoz (Now Only Moz), most of the features and reports are similar to ahrefs, allow you check backlinks free and get analysis reports. An advance tool help you find backlinks that’re linking to your own website, you can do the same for your competitor and can get benefits by getting links from the websites that your competitor getting.

Backlink Watch

Backlink Watch
BacklinkWatch, Another Backlink checker tool, uses Ahref (World largest Backlink reporter) API, a simpler interface, give you list of your website backlinks. Show you the top domains that are linking to your site as well as the anchor text that is linked.

Small SEO Tools

Small SEO tools backlink checker
SmallSEOToolsCompared to other Backlink checker Small SEO tool backlink check is a bit slow. The best thing is that it is free and give you all backlinks report, some backlinks may not show, because their database does’t frequently update.

Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO
MajexticSEO, The best one in terms of efficiency and reports, simply you search your homepage URL, and get all backlinks by pages anchor text and profile. To access the advance features you’ve to subscribe and pay.

Analyze Backlinks

Analyze backlinks Tool
AnalyeBacklinks, Allow you filter the search reports by checking the boxes that says Backlinks from the homepage Only, specific anchor text, total links and outbound links.


Webconfs Backlink checker free
WebConfs, The down side of this tools is that it will show you only the dofollow backlinks of your website and won’t repeat from other pages, means if you are getting many links from a blog, then it will be counting only once. it will also show you the page rank of the website that is linking to your blog.

Rank Signal

Rank Signals
RankSignalA free backlink checker tool allow you easily check site backlinks with analysis, this tool also show you the rank of the site linking to your site as well as how your site is linked by image or text, if it is anchor text then it will also show you the most used anchor text pointing to a website.

Web SEO Analytics

Web SEO analytics
WebSEOAnalytics, The slower one, a free version have limited features, but still you can check backlinks free by entering the URL of your website. compared to other link checker tools mentioned in this post WEB SEO analytics tool won’t show you graphical representation and thus is’t convenient. it is best if you want to copy all backlinks of a website and then do analysis further.

Monitor backlinks

Monitor Backlinks
MonitorBacklinks, Another free backlink checker tool allow you get website backlinks reports as well as monitor them, to monitor you’ll have to upgrade to pro version. if you’re getting more than one links from a website, it will show you them only once.

    So these were some of the Free backlink checker tools, i hope you like them and that it will be useful for you, if you want to check social media links of your website then you can use SEOCentro. Backlinks are of quality type if they are relevant. 
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      Open Site explorer is also a great online tool to check backlinks free.

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      I would also recommend the free backlink checker by Webmeup http://webmeup.com/tools/backlinks.html
      It's a new tool, but it finds a lot of links. Plus, it's free.

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      I've checked your tool, it is fast and work good, But just lack of data. I think the developer of this tool should increase their budget and should improve the tool. I'd just say to optimize database of backlinks.

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      I tried it but I think it doesn't work properly, it looks weird…and i don't believe the reults

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      Really nice post with usefull info. Thank you. Keep writing!
      One more good backlink and anchor checker I'd recommend for your future posts is Moonsearch.com — it's free and has no limitations as to link numbers.

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