10 Google Tools To Maximize Learnings

Google is the world best Search engines as well as it has a lots of products that are available for everyone to use for free.
We recently talked about Keyword research tools for Google keywords to find profitable keywords for blog posting where we discussed about one of the Google tool.
Today we’ll be talking about all Google tools that can be used for learning purpose.
If you’re a power visitor of Online Free tools then you might know about one of our post which gone viral is Free social media tools for teachers and students that help students and teachers to interact and maximize learning. Here’s another resource for you 13 Free online collaboration tools  and some online diagramming tools for learning purpose along with another freebie courses and lessons to learn a language online easily and quickly with interactive lessons.
Google learning tools
Throughout this post we will be discussing about all tools by Google that can be used by students and teachers to learn online quickly and easily.

Google Tools for Learning

Here is a list of ten of the most popular and useful Google tools that are specifically designed to help students. They are all free to use, which is one of the great things about Google, since most other companies would try and make people pay.
I’ll be giving a short description for each tool as well as with some tips and tricks and advices. Feel free to try all of them and learn.

The Google dictionary

The google dictionary display

The Google Dictionary, This is good for looking up the meanings of worlds that you do not fully understand. This often happens when students write and they use a word only to realize they do not know what it means.
Here’s the list of free grammar checker online tools to improve English grammar easily.
Many people use words that they think they know what they mean when they are only guessing based on the context that they heard it. With the Google dictionary you can find out for sure what the word means.

Google Docs 

Google docs features

Google docs, This is the most well known tool besides the big search engine, and it allows you to load and download your documents so that you may take them with you when you go away and so you may transfer files from mobile devices to desktop. Here’s the list free online word processor programs to easily create and edit documents without using any software for it.

The Google search engine 

google search engine

Google Search engine, It is unfair to do a list such as this without mentioning the world’s biggest and most popular search engine on the planet. This tool will allow you on look up almost anything within reason. The only hard part is actually finding the pages and websites that you are looking for on such a large world wide web. If you use the tool correctly then you can find research and ideas for almost any project.

Research Tools 


Google research, As you may imagine, Google is pretty good when it comes to the whole research thing. They have a research tool in the Google Docs section. You can find it on the spreadsheets and presentation section. It allows you to look things up whilst still using the Google tool at the same time. You may find things to research, and you may find actual pieces and quote to put into the work or presentation you are currently working on.

Google Forms 

creating forms with google instructions

Google forms, This clever little tool will allow you to create a survey. You can do it as a competition, or you can use it for your own personal work if you wish. You can use it in collaborative efforts. You can check how others are going with it and post the results for the other students to see. You may also use it to take suggestions and ideas from other people, including those working on your collaborative efforts.

The image directory 

search box for google images

Google images, This may seem like a rather odd tool to brag about, especially when learning, but it is pretty good for many reasons. Use this tool to optimize images for web that help your website to lead faster than ever before.
The best one is when you are stuck on a topic and the Google results are giving you very little, you can try the Google images tool. Sometimes it is going to show you pictures that allow you to get to the desired website where you may find your answer. Sometimes you do not even need to look at the website it attaches to as the picture itself is all the answer or all the proof you need, especially if it happens to be an Infographics.

Write Space 

List of books to read on google

Google write space, You can work without distraction with writing space. It takes things off your screen so that there is nothing to distract you from what you are doing. You can do a similar thing with Windows. For example, if you open up a word document and expand it to cover the screen. Then all you have to do is right click on the toolbar at the bottom, click properties and tick the Auto-hide toolbar and you get a similar effect to write space.

Voice Comments 

google voice comments

Adding voice comments to docs, If you want to give peer reviews, then you can use the voice comments function to do it. It is nice when you or other people may leave annotations, and this is just taking it one step further.
Also check out free conference call services online.
It is also a convenient tool for students who have work to do, especially collaborative work that need the input of other people but where they are unable to meet at the same times during the day.

Google Templates 

Templates section of google docs

Google Docs Templates, With this tool you may make your classroom more efficiently. You can set up lesson plans with your template, or you may create a flexible situation where you are able to save your plan and come back to it when you know what is happening with the students. Here’s another freebie for you, free online banner maker tools to design a professional banner for your website.

Google Moderator 

Google moderator

Google Moderator, This allows a student to submit a question, or voice a concern or an idea on other people. The way you post your question or your comment is varied. You can do it on a computer, or a mobile device. People may like to submit topic ideas and may not know how to. With this tool a person may submit away and the others will be able to see it and enjoy or use it, which is rather good.

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The guest post is written by Sonia Jackson from http://www.cool-essays.com. She writes essays on various topics and can give you useful advices.

There were some of the best and useful free online tools by Google, I hope that they will be useful for you and that you’ll get benefits from them.

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