Top 10 Online English Learning Courses and Lessons

In today’s age English language has become more of a universal way of communication, as majority of the firms, companies and banks around the globe conduct most of their business in this language. Besides this, today a huge number of people are working or studying outside their native countries and they use English language to communicate with their colleagues, bosses, teachers and clients. As a result, it has become quite important for every person who want to excel in his or her field that they should learn English language.
The most important element of learning english is to learn it’s grammar, one way could be to learn how to write it, checking the grammar is the way to find and fix such kind of mistakes.
The best and most affordable way to learn the English language is by enrolling in online courses and lessons, as they enable people to learn at their own pace from anywhere and anytime. Just the way, ninthd’s (9th D) online international certifications allows people in Pakistan to gain core knowledge of business administration, human resource, IT and other sectors as per their convenience and budget.

Online English Learning Courses and Lessons

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In order to attain your English language learning goals, below we have listed ten high ranked courses and lessons that have so far helped numerous people in gaining command over this lingo. Now you too can take help from them:

Beginners Course

ESOLBeginnersCourse, ESOL Courses offers a free online English learning course to beginners that comprises of various activities such as quizzes, games, exercises and lessons. With the help of these simple activities any new comer can easily boost his English vocabulary and the name of different animals, devices, weather, food and more. Tools help you in the case when you aren’t sure about your grammar usage, web apps that work for you to check your grammar are useful in this case.

Games to Learn English

BritishCouncil, British Council Pakistan has offered Fun and Games a new way to learn English. The Fun and Games enables people to learn English while playing a variety of games during which they get hear different jokes that assist them in practicing the language. It involves all kinds of quips and fun ways to play with the words. If you are an educator then I’ll suggest you to check out these top 10 tools for education and spread the word.

Audio and Video to Learn English 

Audio Video, In case, you are not into games like me, thenBritish Council’s Listen and Watch is just the thing that you might be looking for. The Listen and Watch offers video and audio files that you can easily downloadon your mp3 player, notebook or pc without any problem. These audio and videos come with practice activities of English language, which you can watch or listen in your free time. Plus you can also take their printouts, if it suits you. if you’d like to be more creative then try these video editing tools and make learning videos.

English for Kids 

English for Kids, Now your kids can also learn English at a very young age. Thanks to British Council’s English for Kids that provides free of cost online songs, games, activities, stories, spelling and writing practice. In this way your children can learn English without developing any resentment towards the language. Here’s another resource, top 10 games for kids to play online and get learnt and fun.

English for Teens

English for Teens, British Council has specifically provided useful advises to teens between the age of 13 to 17 years of age on this page, so they can practice English language, seek tips for examinations and seek help in case of vocabulary and grammar too.

Learn English for Academic Writing

LearnAcademicWriting, You can also learn academic writing without paying a single penny through British Council’s Academic Writing that will allow students to do their university assignments with ease.

Learn English for Business and Work

Business and Work, You can achieve your business or professional goals with the help of British Council’s Business and Work course that proffers helpful material to businessmen and professionals, so they can improve their English skills.

Learn English through Football

Through Football, You may know that audios, videos and games can help you learn English, but you may not know that football can also help you in learning English. Thanks to Barclays Premier and British Council, who have developed a special page for football fans to do English quizzes by checking out players’ interviews, stats game rules and much more.

Learn to Teach English

Teach English, English is becoming an important mean of communication and non-native speakers can make some good money by teaching the language to non-speakers. With the help of Alison’s Teaching English language course. Learning english is important now a days, but at the same time other languages are also in specific situations, Here I’ve compiled a list of courses to learn a new language online for free without actually buying the courses offline or online.

Learn English to Converse with Tourists

Converse with Tourists, Learning English is very necessary for people who are related to tourism industry, as it enables them to communicate with tourists. Therefore, Alison has developed special courses for such people that will acquaint them with the English language.

White it’s really important to have a paper free from english grammar mistakes, same is the case to check plagiarism using tools and make sure it’s unique when it comes to academic writings.
So these were some of the courses and lessons to learn english online for free, I hope that this resource will be useful for you and that you’ll get benefits from it.

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