Four free Microsoft Word alternatives you can use today

Many of us generally believe that the use of Microsoft Word has become such a routine that we are simply locked on to it. The software and brand have got such a perception, that it makes people think there is no replacement for it. As if there was no Microsoft Word, the things that are dependent on it would cease to exist. Such dependability is what makes the company continue to evolve and keep producing breakthrough versions of Office, that makes Office word easier with every passing year. The importance of Word now is not only limited to office and professional use, but also is increasingly popular when it comes to academic work. Most students use this tool to write out their academic assignments, so much so that many exams are now being taken on the same Microsoft Word.

However, with every passing time and increasing importance of multiple applications, Word is not just the only software that can assist with the kind of functions people are used to. It might be the largest and most popular tools in computers today, but not anymore it is the only one. Now there are multiple alternatives which are even available for free over the internet have started to take their foothold in the market. For example, the popular software Open Office and these free word processors is now being widely used as an alternative to Microsoft Word. Today, we are going to talk about four such applications, that have the ability to replace Microsoft Word, by offering the same functionality and is available for free.

Open Office

As we already discussed the use of Open Office is now getting increasingly popular. It is found to be of amazing use in most smart phones and tablets. Leveraging its use from there, OpenOffice is now also very popular in some of the IOS devices like MAC. The package of Open Office is not only available for free, but also offers six different programs similar to what Microsoft has been offering, from graphic designing software to complete Microsoft Word and Excel alternative. 


AbiWord, is the second best alternative to Microsoft. It has been recently introduced after gaining enough popularity of its use on Linux. The software is now completely available both on Windows and IOS. From advanced document layout and other similar functions for Microsoft, two new functions like merging two documents or emails by pressing just a few commands, is something that makes the software really interesting to use, once you get the hang of it. 


The software Jarte, is not really popular, as it is available on WordPad engine, but still offers tremendous capacity as a Word Processing software available for free. It also has a paid version, but the free version is almost the replica of Microsoft Word, so most users do not really see the need of the paid version, until they are looking for something fully customized to their needs.

Google Docs

Google docs is not far behind, in introducing its very own alternative to Word. The Google Docs are now gaining immense popularity among the fans. The unique thing about this Google Doc is that it is attached to your email and can be accessed on any platform from anywhere, since it is online.
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